Your sex Life and Cancer

November 12, 2012

Your sex Life and Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer has a terrible effect on the cancer suffer and their partner. Not only does that person have to cope with the reality of the illness, but the effect that it has on every other facet of their lives including sex.

Below are some of the most common questions cancer suffers ask about their sexual health:

  • Will my sex life draw to a halt because I’ve got cancer?

  • Can sex cause my cancer to get worse?

  • Does cancer cause sexual problems?

  • If I lose my sex drive will it affect my relationship?

  • What if I am left impotent due to cancer?

Will your sex life draw to a halt?

Not necessarily. Probably at the beginning of your treatment when you need all your energy to fight the disease and have to deal with the rigors of chemotherapy you won’t have too much time to focus on anything else, but as time goes on and you begin to feel better, your energy levels will increase and you may feel like spending time on some gentle sexual activity with your partner.

Can sex cause your cancer to get worse?

In short not usually, unless of course your cancer is in the genital area and then you would need to speak to your doctor.

Does cancer cause sexual problems?

If you think you have a problem with the mechanics of sex, then try some gentle masturbation and if that is satisfactory, then you know that your problem isn’t physical. If you are having emotional problems with your partner, or from dealing with your illness this will affect your performance, but any emotional issues can be addressed and hopefully solved and then you’ll find your sex life is back on track.

If you lose your sex drive, will it affect your relationship?

It shouldn’t if you have an understanding partner, they will appreciate that for a time sex won’t be a big issue for you. Some people have irrational fears which may cause problems in a relationship if they aren’t discussed. Your partner may feel shut out and of course this can then create a problem between you. Speak to your partner about your fears and anxieties and also discuss them with your Doctor and if you do need treatment then you can see a sex therapist or a relationship expert, who will provide you with all the help and support you need.

What if you left impotent due to cancer?

If your cancer treatment has left you impotent, it is not the end of your sex life, there are many treatments available, but more importantly many cancer patients still enjoy a sexual relationship and achieve orgasm without penetrative sex.

Whatever effect cancer has on your sexual health, there are plenty of support networks, medical treatments and advice forums for both you and your partner, you are not alone and you don’t need to suffer in silence.

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