Yeast Infection Home Remedy for Men and Women

November 12, 2012

Yeast Infection Home Remedy for Men and Women

Yeast infections or Candida make anyone miserable. The burning, itching, stinging and continual amount of pain make you wish you did not have genitals. If you have never experienced a yeast infection before, contact your doctor, gynaecologist or proctologist, just to make sure you do not have something more serious such as a kidney infection or a sexually transmitted disease.

A yeast infection home remedy tends to work well for people suffering from recurring yeast infections. After experiencing the symptoms once, they are unforgettable. But if a yeast infection home remedy does not give you significant relief in three days, please see a doctor, gynaecologist or proctologist.

Using Tea Tree Oil

Using a diluted tea tree oil solution is a good yeast infection home remedy for women. Never use full strength tea tree oil because it may burn the sensitive skin of the genitals. Every time you urinate take a sitz bath with at least one cup of lukewarm water and a few drops of tea tree oil. You can also add a few drops to a full bath. You can use full strength tea tree oil or oil that has been diluted with carrier oil in both cases.

If you have never used tea tree oil before, test yourself to see if you are allergic or overly sensitive to it. Place one drop of oil, diluted or undiluted, on one small spot on your arm and see if there are any changes to the skin 24 hours later. If there aren’t any changes, you should be okay using tea tree oil as a yeast infection home remedy.

Using Yogurt

Yogurt makes a cool and soothing yeast infection home remedy for both women and men. Use plain unsweetened yogurt that does not contain any fruit, nuts or other food bits. Yeast can feed off of sugar which is why you need to use sugarless yogurt. Yogurt can be spread directly on sore genitals in both women and men.

Women can also coat a clean, cotton tampon with yogurt and insert it for as long as you can stand it. It’s best to insert it after you urinate. Both women and men need to wash off the yogurt with clean, lukewarm water. Hot water can be painful for anyone with a yeast infection.

Using Plain Water

The most inexpensive home remedy is drinking at least two litres of plain water. This works for both women and men. This is also a good yeast infection home remedy for women who recently lost their virginity and constantly feel the need to urinate. Drinking plenty of plain, not seltzer, water helps dilute urine and relive pain when urinating and in between urinations. It also helps relive the pressing need to urinate.

Other Tips For Surviving a Yeast Infection

A yeast infection home remedy will not help relieve all of your symptoms unless you also do some behaviour modifications. Avoid foods with sugar, caffeine and refined wheat flour (which also contain sugar.) Fruits are fine to eat, especially bananas, but avoid fruit juice that contains sugar.

Wear lose fitting clothes to keep pressure off of the irritated genitals and to reduce the temperature of the genitals. Wearing tight-fitting clothing like panty hose, girdles or designer jeans presses the genitals close to the body and makes it warmer. A warm, wet environment is perfect for yeast growth.

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