Working Together for Family Fitness

November 12, 2012

Working Together for Family Fitness

Motivating your self into going out and doing some exercise is much easier if you have some support so how about involving your family involved in a daily family fitness routine. This way you make exercise a fun, family bond building activity and you can be content in the knowledge that both you and your loved ones are doing your part to stay healthy.

The first task in getting the kids enthusiastic about family fitness, which depending on their habits, interests and age may or may not be easy. Try to teach them about the benefits of exercise such as being involved in a team, having more energy and improving your concentration whilst studying. You can show them articles about successful young athletes or how a sport aided someone’s life. If your kids are still young you could try making a healthy living chart, where they get a start or reward each time they do something which is good for their health. Turning it into a challenge or competition sometimes captures children’s attention.

There are many ways to get your family fitness regime started by integrating it with your daily routine and chores. For example when a chore such as cleaning a bedroom is assigned to a family member also assign an exercise such as squats. This family member must stop cleaning their room at periodic intervals to do a set of squats. You could use a whistle so that everyone stops to do their exercise at the same time and to keep the feeling that you are participating as a whole team. Try putting the chores and exercises in two hats and choosing them out at random so everyone gets the luck of the draw.

If your family is older and you all have different goals for your work out sessions, you could hire a personal trainer to design each of you family their own program, which you can do at the same time. Some exercises will be required for everyone so you can set up a circuit within the house and garden, which is used by everyone.

At the beginning of the week each member of the family should pick an exercise of their choice. If they choose push up’s they must drop and do as many push up’s as they can. Everyone must then work on his or her chosen exercise throughout the week before meeting up again at the weekend to see how much he or she has improved. The most improved family member wins and is treated to a small family fitness reward.

Take it in turns to design a family sports night, which everyone attends once a week. This could be anything you fancy such as swimming, a game of football or even a family fitness mini Olympics if the designing member of family is feeling creative. Each week will be something different so everyone gets to choose something they enjoy and nobody gets bored.

If you and your family really start getting into exercising around the house you could invest in some small pieces of equipment such as dumbbells, a skipping rope or a stability ball and keep them spread around the house. Make some simple rules such as every time a TV advert comes on you must exercise or you must stretch before you go to bed each night. Every day rotate the piece of equipment around the house so that each person’s work out is varied every day.

The most important point is to keep it fun, varied and high-spirited. Encourage each other along the way and soon you will find your family is disciplined, healthy and working as a team.


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