Why You Should Use Evening Primrose OIl

November 12, 2012

Why You Should Use Evening Primrose OIl

There are a lot of benefits of evening primrose oil out there, in general – from improving various physical functions to improving numerous diseases and conditions. The organic version of this oil would be the best kind in today’s market, though, since its restorative and preventive properties are currently still unsurpassed. Here are the most important uses of evening primrose to date:

1. It induces labor at childbirth.

The most controversial benefit of evening primrose oil involves inducing labor in a natural manner. For centuries now, midwives have used this oil at the final stages of pregnancy to induce labor. This is because the active substances in this oil are known to prepare the cervix for labor and to promote contractions in the uterus.

2. It helps with infertility.

In the field of fertility, evening primrose oil serves two purposes: it improves a man’s chances of conceiving and it improves a woman’s chances of conceiving. When it comes to men, the essential fatty acids in the oil can help maintain the male sperm count and quality, as well as increase the blood flow to the penis. Conversely, when it comes to women, this oil can benefit the fluid in the cervix and make it more sperm-friendly, so to speak.

3. It helps treat hair loss.

When applied onto the scalp area topically or when taken orally, this oil proves to be very effective in treating hair loss. This is because essential fatty acids are very effective at growing hair. To ensure the utmost benefits, just massage some of the oil into your hair follicles to enhance the blood flow onto your scalp.

4. It treats various skin conditions.

This oil can benefit the skin by nourishing it really well, making it more elastic and regulating the production of extra sebum. Aside from that, it is also known to fight inflammation connected to eczema and rosacea.

5. It regulates hormonal imbalances in women.

The benefits of evening primrose oil are indispensable for women and their needs since it can help bring hormonal balances back and regulate the symptoms of PMS, endometriosis and fibrocystic breasts. It can also curb unhealthy food cravings.


Please take note that evening primrose oil might come with various side effects, as well, especially if you are currently taking anti-seizure medications, anticoagulant medications or antidepressants. So, before taking any herbal treatments of any kind, make sure you talk to your doctor first.


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