Why do we need Guidance Counselors?

November 12, 2012

Why do we need Guidance Counselors?

Guidance counselors are a common sight in schools and youth clubs around the country as they provide young people with somebody to approach for advice concerning issues and the future.

The role of a guidance counselor is to give advice, or information, which will help to resolve a problem or difficulty. This process is often used to help clients to develop and decide the path they will choose in education or vocation as well as to help resolve psychological issues. The idea being, to help those clients to live a fulfilling, useful and happy life. Guidance counseling aims to help individuals to make life choices which are their own but which will serve not just his or her own interests but also those of society – this to be done by making the most of all the opportunities the individual is offered thereby fulfilling both personal needs and ambitions. The aim of any guidance counselor is not to take away any burden and solve the problem or difficulty but rather to guide the client into clarifying their own thinking and so develop their own solution to the situation.

Guidance and young people

Guidance counselors involved in working with children and young people will involve not just those who are trained professionals but also parents, teachers, extended family members and other adults in their circle. It may also be considered that those in wider roles – such as the media and broadcasting – also play the role of guidance counselor for young people.

Professional counselors

In many institutions – such as schools, colleges, the military as well as prisons, industry and private practice – professional guidance counselors are often called upon to assist individuals who may have been involved in unexpected tragedy or disaster. Within education counselors will assist students, through provision of information and discussion, with their decisions pertaining to career choice and educational path as well as providing help and support students often need when dealing with the often considerable stresses and strains of life in education.

Guidance counselors and college

Many students will turn to their guidance counselor in high school in order to facilitate their entry into a great college. Part of the high school guidance counselorsÂ’ role is to provide students with information about all of their college options and to guide them through the daunting admissions process. Ideally the student will have spent time with their counselor so that the counselor understands the studentÂ’s life goals, their strength and weaknesses as well as their preferences. A counselor can then help the student to find a college which best suits them; assist in putting together an admissions package including developing an effective personal statement; practice for interviews; ensure that all paperwork and meetings are properly prepared and attended.

Going private

Because the role of the high school guidance counselor is so vital in shaping the future of a student they may be extremely busy – parents who are concerned about their child receiving the counseling they need may well choose to pay for private counseling sessions.

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