Why Do People Ignore HCG Diet Dangers?

November 12, 2012

Why Do People Ignore HCG Diet Dangers?

The HCG diet has been around since the 1950s but in recent years gained a host of new followers. HCG (sometimes spelled hCG) is the nickname for a hormone produced in the urine of pregnant women called human chorionic gonadotrophin. People on the diet must take expensive daily injections or homeopathic drops of HCG.

That’s not the dangerous part, although drinking a product made from urine is dangerous enough. The real danger is how many calories a follower is allowed to eat per day – only 500 for women to 550 for active men. This is far less than doctors recommend a dieter to eat. HCG diet dangers have been well publicized in the news media, the medical industry and from such agencies as America’s Food and Drug Administration, which banned the sale of seven HCG products in December of 2011.

So why do people still persist in following the HCG diet even though they are aware of HCG diet dangers?

They Lack Basic Science Education

It’s a little harsh to accuse people following the HCG diet as being stupid. Most people on the diet believe they made an informed choice. But they are basing their decision on improvable evidence such as advertising from makers of HCG products and anecdotal stories from friends or people who claim to have lost a lot of weight on the diet.

People who pay attention to HCG diet dangers are not necessarily smarter than HCG dieters – but they have a basic background in science. They don’t even need to have taken specialized classes like Advanced Chemistry in order to realize that taking a hormone is not going to cause anyone to lose weight and that there is no way a person can exist on a 500 calorie diet unless they were Gandhi.

People who ignore science or just have been taught any basic science or math skills often persist in what scientists call “magical thinking.” This is faith that, despite all evidence, taking the right potion or appeasing the right deity can cause miracles to happen. Magical thinking is not based on facts but wishes. There are thousands of people who wish unicorns existed, but it still does not change the fact that unicorns do not exist.

They Distrust Doctors

Another reason seemingly intelligent people ignore HCG diet dangers and pursue the diet anyway is that they strongly distrust anyone in the medical profession. One myth that has gone around the world is that doctors want to keep people sick in order to profit from the illnesses. But most doctors are so overworked that they would love to find a cure for obesity in order to lessen their case loads.

If people distrust the medical profession as a whole, they will not pay attention to findings from the leading groups or associations in the industry, such as the publication of HCG diet dangers. Many people have good reasons to distrust doctors, hospitals or the pharmaceutical industry. The medical industry needs to prove to people that they are a reliable source of health information before people will stop believing in snake oil salesmen like those pushing the HCG diet.


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