Why are Women Plagued with Frequent Urination

November 12, 2012

Why are Women Plagued with Frequent Urination

Frequent urination in women commonly known as “overactive bladder” has a number of causes. However, regardless of cause it can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing. The symptoms involve an urge to urinate often and repeated incidences of urination whether you need to or not. Some women may experience discomfort in term of a burning sensation and it may be so severe it elicits pain. Depending on the cause of your overactive bladder symptoms will vary and may indicate the actual problem and it is important that you report your symptoms clearly to your healthcare provider. This condition can be temporary and come and go with no serious consequences however, it if persists and becomes chronic you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible and get a proper diagnosis.

Frequent urination issues are found in both men and women however, it is more common in women and generally for different reasons. Women have somewhat different plumbing and are subjected to hormonal changes monthly as well as through their lives. Women are also experience pregnancy and cystitis and the female anatomy lends itself to urinary tract infections.

One of the most common culprits for frequent urination in women involves hormonal changes that occur during the monthly period, pregnancy and the change of life known as menopause. The changes in hormonal levels and relative proportions of different hormones actually alter the contractile ability of the bladder. Generally this doesn’t increase the amount of urine you excrete but rather brings about the sensation of urgency.

Women who have had multiple births, certainly know their bladder has been kicked around and pressed upon by the fetus not to mention all the other organs. It’s really that simple and this causes a weakening of the pelvic floor muscles and of course the smooth muscle of the bladder. During pregnancy these weakened muscles cannot hold the pressure of urine in the bladder causing the need to urinate frequently. The fetus takes up a lot room inside and in fact it not only presses against the bladder but also pushes your stomach up into your chest cavity. It can get pretty crowded in there. At this time, you also have hormonal changes that add further insult to injury in terms of bladder smooth muscle contraction. All of these changes during pregnancy contribute to frequent urination in women.

The female anatomy also poses further complications. Women are susceptible to urinary tract infections causing frequent urination. The urethral opening empties directly into the vagina. Due to close proximity of the anal opening and vagina, infections are easily picked up and can pass back into the bladder. This can also occur from sexual intercourse. So, frequent urination in women is a direct consequence of the female anatomy and how it functions.

Last but not least, another cause of frequent urination in women is known as interstitial cystitis (also known as inflammation of the bladder). This can become particularly uncomfortable because the cysts and inflammation makes the bladder effectively smaller inside reducing the amount of urine it can hold. Not only that, this is a very painful situation. You need to seek immediate medical assistance to find out what the problem is and take the appropriate therapy. Infections of this type can pass back to the kidney and cause serious damage.

Ultimately, under normal conditions, frequent urination in women is common and normal and the symptoms may go away on their own. If they persist, this is an indication of something serious. You may experience blood in your urine, chills and fever, some form of vaginal discharge or back pain. There are many reasons for these complications but you need to be examined to know.


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