Which Prenatal Vitamins will most benefit you and your baby?

November 12, 2012

Which Prenatal Vitamins will most benefit you and your baby?

Prenatal vitamins and supplements can aid in the health and development of the foetus reducing the risk of the baby being born with any birth defects or abnormal growth or developmental problems. Prenatal vitamins have been recommended and included in routine prenatal care by doctors for over 30 years. There are many types and brands available nowadays including a new vitamin, named Trimedisyn. Trimedisyn is a prenatal vitamin, which has used medical research to identify the vitamins and minerals most beneficial to pregnant women and their unborn baby and then combined them all together to make multi-vitamin. Most scientists and physicians agree that there are 8 most important vitamins and minerals, which each have their own qualities to provide different nutritional benefits to the woman. Calcium Getting enough calcium is important for pregnant women as calcium can decrease the chances of developing high blood pressure during pregnancy and even maternal death. Many women turn to calcium supplements to increase their in take but even most supplements only contain about a third of the recommended daily amount of calcium. This is where Trimedisyn differs as it contains much higher amounts than most other prenatal vitamins currently on the market. Folic Acid Medical experts advise women to increase their folic acid in take before they have even become pregnant. The only way it is possible to do this is by taking prenatal vitamins as your body find it easier to absorb folic acid from vitamins than from food. Folic acid is very important in drastically reducing the risk or neural defects in the baby. DHA DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid, which research has indicated can aid the baby developmentally if taken by the mother during pregnancy. In a recent study babies whose mother had taken DHA were 2 months ahead in terms of attention span compared to babies whose mother had not. Research has suggested that not enough mothers were taking enough DHA, which is also thought to decrease the cases of postpartum depression.

Co-Enzyme Q 10

One cause of pre-mature birth is a complication called pre-eclampsia, which occurs in 16% of pregnancies. When a patient is detected to be at risk of developing the condition, a popular treatment now being used is the addition of Co-Enzyme Q 10 as a dietary supplement.


Probiotics are friendly bacteria, which according to a recent study when taken by pregnant women can reduce the risk of gestational diabetes from 34% to 13%. There are also ongoing studies looking into the potential benefit of probiotics being able to decrease preterm delivery.


Choline is an essential nutrient that can reduce the risk of spinal cord defects. It is important that choline levels stay normal so a supplement is recommended to keep them from dropping.

Ginger Root

Ginger root is a good way of treating vomiting and nausea during pregnancy and when combined with vitamin B6 it becomes even more effective.


It is crucial to take prenatal vitamins containing Inositol, as mothers with low levels of inositol have been found to have an increased rick of giving birth to a baby with spina bifida.

All of the nutrients listed above are important for different reasons and every mother should be seeking supplement their diets with as many of them as possible. Trimedisyn has been evaluated and reviewed by doctors as one of the best prenatal vitamin available containing all of the vital ingredients necessary to maintain good health of both the mother and her newborn baby.


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