What Should you Expect at 4 Weeks Pregnant

November 12, 2012

What Should you Expect at 4 Weeks Pregnant

So, you’re 4 weeks pregnant. Congratulations! There are all kinds of changes going on in your body. At this time your fertilized egg has become a blastocyst and is in early embryonic form. This small mass of new tissue will become a fetus at 9 weeks. In the meantime, the new life form is trying to implant itself into your uterine wall. The amniotic cavity is forming and this will surround your embryo and protect it providing a home for the next 9 months.. The placenta is forming that will allow communication between the embryo and the mother to exchange gases, nutrients and wastes.

The embryo is no more than a millimeter long and shortly will develop into what looks like an amphibian with all major organs in tact including eyes. Eventually, the embryo becomes a fetus and begins to take on more human characteristics. At 4 weeks pregnant, it is a matter of proliferating tissue and having organs go to a more mature state so that the fetus can live on its own.

As the embryo continues to develop, the placenta becomes well implanted into the uterine wall. It consists of a number of different cell types that form a vast blood vessel plexus consisting of both arteries and veins. The arteries will bring oxygen and nutrients to the embryo and the veins will take metabolic wastes and carbon dioxide from the embryo back to the mother. The embryo already has a heart and some vasculature and is circulating blood locally.

Interestingly, many women don’t know their pregnant at this point. At 4 weeks pregnant stage (time wise) you would get your next period. If no period comes around, this is your first warning that you may be pregnant.

At 4 weeks pregnant stage, you may be able to sense something is different. Some women have reported that they have felt unusually tired. This is not unusual as your body is going through many changes as hormone levels rise. And, remember the embryo is trying desperately to embed itself into your uterine wall. Cells are proliferating rapidly. It takes a lot of energy (ATP) to do this. Many women have experienced light cramping and spotting at this time and this is normal and is the physical manifestation of the implantation event. If cramping becomes very painful, heavy bleeding, fever and chills occur, contact your healthcare provider immediately to find out what’s wrong.

Besides implantation effects it is possible that you experience some pregnancy symptoms. As you know, morning sickness! Here it comes, nausea and vomiting and it can start at 4 weeks pregnant stage and it will get worse as time goes on. In fact, you have till the 2nd trimester before that goes away.

Then comes the sore breast situation. They become tender and swollen and this can be so severe that just wearing clothing hurts much less a bra. Another symptom of the 4 weeks pregnant stage is having to urinate often. Changes in hormone levels cause more blood to be filtered in the kidney producing more urine making you go more often.

At the 4 weeks pregnant stage, you may have just realized you missed your period. So, you run to the pharmacy to get a test kit to find out. Suppose say, it comes back positive and it’s a true positive not false. So, you make an appointment for doctor for a pregnancy exam. Loll and behold your period begins a few days later. You had a fertilized egg but it naturally aborted. This is not unusual. Somewhere between 60% and 75% of zygotes (fertilized eggs) fail usually due to some genetic abnormalities. In actuality, it is difficult to get pregnant and difficult to hold on to it.

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