What is the yeast infection home remedy?

November 12, 2012

What is the yeast infection home remedy?

A yeast infection is caused by the imbalance of yeast cells in the vagina. Yeast is always present and required in the body of both women and men. However, when an imbalance occurs in the vagina for some reason the yeast cells are able to multiply, increasing in number and leading to an infection. Yeast infections are easy to treat and can even be cured with the yeast infection home remedy. Common symptoms of yeast infection include itchiness and a thick, white vaginal discharge. There are also often lumpy sores that arise, or an inflammation that look like an allergy rash. Most people also experience painful urination and sometimes also pain during intercourse. The symptoms of a yeast infection can be very uncomfortable but the good news is that it can usually be cured without the need to see a doctor by using the yeast infection home remedy. Yeast infections are not so common in men as they are in women but it is possible for men to develop some similar symptoms. For example a rash may appear around the penis and near the head of the penis. There may also be a white discharge from the tip. The first yeast infection home remedy is tea tree oil. Use a dropper to wash out and clean the vagina every day for a week to treat your infection.

Garlic is the second yeast infection home remedy and all that you need to do is simply insert a clove of garlic into the vagina, changing it every few hours. Try to do this for about 3 days. Alternatively if you are uncomfortable with this method, there are garlic pills available, which can be taken orally and should provide a similar effect.

The final suggestion for a yeast infection home remedy involves vinegar. Fill up a bath and then mix it with one glass of vinegar. You can soak I the bath for as long as you desire but it is recommended that you stay in it for at least 20 minutes. After the bath, make sure to thoroughly clean your whole body, particularly the genital area.

There are many other yeast infection home remedies to choose from, another favourite, which provides instant relief from the itching, is to place yoghurt in the affected areas. It is advisable to check with a doctor before attempting any of these remedies.

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