What is the Best Diabetes Test Out There?

November 12, 2012

What is the Best Diabetes Test Out There?

If you have diabetes at the moment, then it would be absolutely vital for you to know how important a diabetes test can actually be. Aside from controlling your levels of blood sugar to prevent organ damage and to avoid other complications, you also have to find out what other products you can use as a diabetes test. If you tend to depend on insulin, it would be ideal for you to test your levels of blood sugar at least four times per day. One great way to maintain a healthy level of blood sugar would be by monitoring it before meals. What would be the best way to do this, though?

Traditional Diabetes Tests for Home Use

One traditional diabetes test would involve the pricking of the finger with a small device known as a lancet. A small droplet of blood is then put on the test strip and placed inside a small meter to read the results. These things usually come with different functions and in various sizes. If you have difficulties with sight, for example, then you might want to get a test with spoken instructions or a bigger screen. Some tests come with special software that you can upload onto your computer to get data and results on your blood sugar level as time goes by. This happens to be very helpful if you visit your doctor on a regular basis or if you are currently taking medication for your diabetes.

Newer Diabetes Tests in the Market

Newer tests in the market involve drawing blood from different locations every time. A lot of diabetics tend to complain about the wounds that they get from their fingertips because of their choice of diabetes test. Well, with these new tests, you can draw blood from your thumb, upper leg or forearm instead, if you want. Naturally, the results might differ from one body part to another, though. One other test uses a laser, while another uses a GlucoWatch. With the laser, a light beam will penetrate into the finger’s skin instead, which will eliminate the complaints that diabetics have with traditional needles. The GlucoWatch, on the other hand, will draw very small amounts of blood by emitting small electric currents. With this watch, you can actually measure your levels of blood sugar three times an hour for twelve hours. This device hasn’t been FDA-approved yet, though.

Now you know that you have a lot of choices in the market when it comes to a diabetes test. All you have to do now is ask your doctor what he recommends for you and try to maintain a healthy level of blood sugar at all times.


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