What is Reiki Healing – and what can it do for you?

November 12, 2012

What is Reiki Healing – and what can it do for you?

Reiki healing is a process which returns the body to a state of balance by accepting that the world is not full of stresses as originally believed. This in turn relaxes the body and assists with any healing processes. Reiki healing works at the higher levels of being and takes the holistic view of healing. It heals the body and accepts mental, emotional and spiritual awareness as part of that.

It uses what is known as ‘God Force’ to deliver its healing qualities. This force for good is delivered through the practitioner, but it is said that anyone with healing powers and good thoughts can heal others just by having positive intentions and the will to do good work. Reiki healing can only be transferred between parties when there is a feeling of love and the practitioner deeply wants the healing to take place.

Reiki healing removes negative energies present in the body, this means that there is nothing to block the healing process. Negative energies can come from being in bad relationships, eating unhealthily, lack of self respect or doubting your own worth. These can all lead the body to a state where it is susceptible to disease and illness.

Fast responses to this alternative treatment have been known and patients who have been unwell quickly respond to the positive healing energy and are more relaxed, sleep better, wash away any tension or anxiety and any aches and pains are removed. Blood pressure can be lowered and an overall feeling of well being is returned to the individual.

A Reiki healing session may be carried out in a relaxed setting with dim lighting away from the pressures of the world. It can consist of the practitioner encouraging relaxation and removing negative values of scepticism, fear and pessimism from the patient. For those who are suspicious of modern medicines this alternative approach can help when medical treatment is required.

Although a Reiki healing practitioner can be anyone who has the desire to help others and has healing properties it is best to find a technician with experience and understanding of the techniques employed in this form of alternative medicine. The human touch as part of the healing process is just one of the physical influences used to generate healing energy. This helps to reduce stress which may increase the healing process.

And if you are a pet owner who has concerns for your animal then Reiki healing can work here too. This alternative treatment not only heals humans but it is effective on other creatures which share our planet with us. Any pet owner who has seen this alternative healing carried out on their pet will tell you of the wonderful recovery and transformation that their pet has underwent.

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