What is a Slow Carb Diet?

November 12, 2012

What is a Slow Carb Diet?

Over a 30 day period it is possible to lose 20lbs of body fat. Three key points have to be considered: diet, exercise and supplements. By losing 20lbs the hips and waist will reduce in circumference.

If you can, try to avoid eating carbohydrates which are white. The following foods should be avoided; cereal, tortillas, pasta, potatoes, brown and white rice and bread. Dieters who repeat the same meals when they are on the slow carb diet appear to be more successful in losing weight. The following is a list of foods which may help to reduce fat.

  • Proteins:

    Fish, beef, pork, breast or thigh of chicken and egg whites with 1-2 whole eggs for flavor.

  • Legumes:

    Soy, red and pinto beans.

  • Vegetables:

    Broccoli, peas, green beans, asparagus, spinach, sauerkraut and mixed vegetables which include cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetables.

Eating Mexican food works very well with the slow carb diet. Switch the rice for vegetables. One of the complaints by many people on a slow carb diet is lack of energy. One half cupful of rice has 300 calories compared to a half cupful of spinach which has 15 calories. It is not necessary on a slow carbohydrate diet to eat little and often. It appears eating meals more frequently has no effect on the rate of the metabolism. Make sure the first meal is eaten within an hour of waking from sleep and the meals are eaten every 4 hours.

Drink lots of water and coffee and tea which are unsweetened and less than 2 tablespoons of cream. Low calorie and no calorie drinks can be taken often. Avoid milk, and soy milk, along with fruit juice and soft drinks. Aspartame is present in diet juice and drinks and this may stimulate weight gain, so drink less than 16oz of these drinks per day. It is best to avoid beer and white wine but it is possible to drink no more than two glasses of red wine.

In a slow carb diet no fruit should be eaten except for tomatoes. Avocadoes should be eaten in moderation. Stay away from eating fruit which contains a principal sugar called fructose.

If the diet starts on a Monday, for example, allow five days of dieting and then have a day off from the slow carb diet. On this diet free day any type of fruit, food or drink can be eaten, but only for the one day. The diet starts again the following day.

In conclusion:

  • Keep away from white carbohydrates

  • Repeat eating the same couple of meals

  • Avoid drinking calories

  • Keep away from eating fruit

  • And have one day off from dieting – eat anything which appeals


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