What can I do about my greasy skin?

November 12, 2012

What can I do about my greasy skin?

Greasy skin can cause all kinds of problems such as spots and skin that has an oily, shiny appearance.

Nobody likes greasy skin – it is one of those things that many of us find truly unpleasant. The shininess of greasy skin can indeed be very off putting and it does seem to be an affliction peculiar to teenagers – however in reality this is not the case, almost anyone can suffer with oily skin.

What causes this skin problem?

The hairs on our body all have oil glands at their roots under the skin – this oil is supposed to protect and coat the hair, however, if the production of oil is excessive then the skin becomes coated as well. If you have large pores the problem of greasy skin will be exacerbated. Genetics and diet may also be contributing factors to the problem of oily, shiny skin.

What result will oily skin produce?

Oily skin is recognized as being more prone to acne, spots, pimples, blackheads and dark shadows. Although the whole body is covered in sebaceous glands they produce varying amounts of oil. The face, for example, has a recognized T-Zone of oily skin from the forehead, down the nose – including the sides – and down to the chin. The cheeks and jaw may have much less oiliness. On the plus side people with oily skin are known to keep youthful looking skin for longer!

Not just in teenagers

Generally, many people think that only teenagers suffer with greasy skin and that once those years have passed and hormones have settled that this condition will be a thing of the past, however this is not always the case. Many adults also suffer with oily skin and must live with the knowledge that it will probably never disappear completely.

Solving the problem

Unfortunately there is no definitive solution for the problem of greasy skin, but, there are ways of minimizing it and managing its’ effects. Skin oils are an essential part of our skins’ protective system – shielding it from pollutants and irritants; so whilst we want to minimize the excess oil we don’t want to eliminate the oil completely.

  • Use a facial wash and alcohol free moisturizer as part of your daily skin care routine. Tea tree oil is a great natural product with antibacterial properties which will not wash away your skins’ good oils.

  • Use a facial toner to tighten pores.

  • Use a clay face mask regularly

  • Use specialist make up for oily skin which will also reduce shine and the appearance of open pores.

  • Remove all make up before going to sleep.

If you start and maintain a good, daily skin care regime you will soon see an improvement in your overall skin appearance.


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