What are the Top Diarrhea Causes Out There?

November 12, 2012

Without a doubt, diarrhea is unpleasant and inconvenient, but everybody experiences it every now and then. Here are some diarrhea causes that you should try and avoid from now on.

What are the Top Diarrhea Causes Out There?

1. Bacteria

Although bacteria is typically a part of daily life and usually lives peacefully with humans, some kinds of bacteria can ruin your digestive system. Some small bugs can breed and become more fertile in eggs, raw meets, unpasteurized milk and shellfish, for example.

Fortunately, food contamination that leads to diarrhea is very rare in America. So, if diarrhea causes do come from food, they will usually stem from unrefrigerated food or food that simply wasn’t refrigerated enough and thus turned bad after it was eaten instead.

To lower your overall risk of experiencing diarrhea because of bacteria, make sure you cook eggs, meat and chicken completely Also, wash all of your surfaces and utensils well, along with your hands. If you have any leftovers, refrigerate them right away instead of leaving them lying around at room temperature for a long time.

When it comes to choosing where to eat out, on the other hand, look for the restaurant’s health department ratings in the restaurant itself or on the Internet first. These ratings will let you know how safe the food is and how clean the restaurant is overall.

2. Viruses

Some viruses could lead to vomiting and diarrhea, too, and are thus considered to be diarrhea causes. The worst part is that viral strains are very contagious and can even travel from hand to hand with ease. Other ways that viruses may spread include sharing drinks, sharing utensils and eating contaminated food. Sometimes, people who don’t even have symptoms may spread viruses, as well. As with bacteria, keeping the kitchen clean, washing hands and following common sense can keep these diarrhea causes under wraps. Naturally, if you have diarrhea or are with somebody who does, make sure you don’t share your drinks or food, either.

3. Traveling

Montezuma’s Revenge and Delhi Belly are some of the diarrhea causes that a lot of unhappy travelers tend to experience. Depending on where they are traveling, up to 70% of travelers may vomit or experience diarrhea because of contaminated water or foods. So, if you are traveling elsewhere, avoid eating unreeled and raw food and avoid drinking tap water. Only eat cooked foods from a clean kitchen and only drink bottled water. Fortunately, this type of diarrhea should be gone in half a day.

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