What are the Earliest Signs of Pregnancy?

November 12, 2012

What are the Earliest Signs of Pregnancy?

If you are hoping to get pregnant sometime soon, then it would be of the utmost essence for you to learn what the earliest signs of pregnancy are. Read on.

Missed Menstruation

This is obviously one of the most common and earliest signs of pregnancy out there. However, this doesn’t automatically mean that you are pregnant. So, to be absolutely sure, take a test and if it comes out negative, get in touch with your doctor to find out why you missed your menstruation then.

Breast Tenderness

This is also one of the earliest signs of pregnancy and usually happens after you get pregnant because of the different changes that are happening inside of your body. It is also a sign that your breasts are getting ready to produce milk for your baby.

Frequent Urination

Pregnant women tend to produce more fluids than usual. And, since the uterus swells up during pregnancy, it tends to put more pressure onto the bladder and makes pregnant women urinate more frequently. If this is the case, then just relax, stay cool and try to get used to it. After all, although this is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy, it also happens to be one that will stay during the whole pregnancy.


Pregnant women tend to get more tired on a daily basis due to the many changes that their bodies go through. Nausea This sign of pregnancy isn’t just incredibly unpleasant, it also happens to show up within the first month of pregnancy. A lot of women fight nausea with ease by eating a lot of saltine crackers and drinking a lot of milk, though.


This sign of pregnancy may occur if

the uterus swells up and compresses the legs’ arteries. This is because the compression will make your blood pressure drop and thus make you feel a little dizzy. If this happens to you, be extra careful when you walk up stairs or stand up suddenly. Ideally, you should eat a lot of healthy foods to combat dizziness during this time, such as grapes, bananas, apples, yogurt, celery, carrots, crackers, milk and cheese.

Food Cravings

Pregnant women tend to experience food cravings and food aversions, as well as aromatic sensitivity. If you ever feel tired, lightheaded, queasy, or constipated; or if you ever experience low back pain or heartburn, then ask to get tested as these are all some of the earliest signs of pregnancy, as well.


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