What are the benefits of a calorie calculator?

November 12, 2012

What are the benefits of a calorie calculator?

If you are trying to lose weight, the best way to do it is through a healthy diet and regular exercise. Counting your calorie intake can be a great way to monitor the food you are consuming.

Many of us are interested in our calorie intake, how many calories each of the foods we eat contains is a hot topic of many conversations. Most foods now have their calorie content included on labelling. Something that is often not considered when working with a calorie calculator is the amount of calories burned during any exercise, which will depend on the duration and intensity of the exercise as well as the weight of the individual. However keeping track of these burned calories will help in tracking calorie intake and output as well keep you motivated as you work towards your fitness goals.

It is also useful to remember, with so many ‘guaranteed’ celebrity diet plans around that using a calorie calculator to ensure that you consume less and expend more is a proven, guaranteed method of weight loss.

Monitoring daily calories

Using a calorie calculator is an excellent way of monitoring your daily intake of calories whist managing your weight. For those who are seeking to lose weight consuming 500 calories per day less calories expended will achieve a weight loss of around on pound per week. Those who need to increase their weight to a healthier level should endeavour to do so by increasing the amount of healthy calories ingested. Once an individual has reached their ideal, healthy weight a calorie calculator can continue to be useful in maintaining that weight.

Exercise calculators

In addition to using a calorie calculator to assist in weight management, an exercise calculator may also be beneficial. Generally freely available online an exercise calculator is a useful way of keeping note of calories burned through various identified activities. One example might be that 20 minutes of jogging burns 300 calories – meaning that 300 calories can be deducted from the days total calorie intake. This makes it much easier to be aware of overall calorie intake when using diet and physical activity to achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

Effects of calorie burn

The amount of calories burned during physical activity has a direct correlation to the weight of an individual – this means weight lost or gained will affect how many calories are used during any exercise. For example, an individual weighing 250 pounds will burn 765 calories during a 30-minute run; a 200-pound individual will only burn 612 calories during the same run. It is important, as your body changes and adapts, that you take these changing rates of calorie burn into consideration and make the necessary adjustments on your exercise and calorie calculators.

Physical activities

Using a calorie calculator in combination with an exercise calculator will enable you to keeping a running check of calories burned during all your daily activities – not just a workout. Your weight and the intensity of any physical activity undertaken will directly affect the number of calories burned during that particular activity. For example, chopping firewood for 30 minutes will burn around 180 calories in a person weighing 125 pounds; in a person weighing 185 pounds, however, will burn 266 calories doing the same activity over the same period.

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