What’s Happening at 18 Weeks Pregnant

November 12, 2012

What’s Happening at 18 Weeks Pregnant

At 18 weeks pregnant you are feeling good and looking good. This is the time to catch up with friends as you no longer feel so tired, go out for dinner and keep up the exercise regime. Swimming and walking is great exercise which will provide benefits to you. During this time remember to eat little and often, especially carbohydrates as you are not only feeding yourself, the baby requires energy from the food as well. Experiencing indigestion at 18 weeks pregnant is normal at this time and it’s not unusual to get confused with baby movement or a little indigestion.

The baby is beginning to move around the womb at this time but don’t worry if this doesn’t happen at this stage as movement can vary from woman to woman. From 18 weeks pregnant and onwards the baby will be moving more and you may see shapes of knees, elbows and small feet moving across your tummy. Should you be worried or concerned about lack of movement speak with your doctor.

The ears of the baby are completely formed now and he or she can hear your voice or music. Many women who talk to the baby and play music at this time say that it helps with the bonding process.

At 18 weeks pregnant, the baby’s small bones are becoming hard which is all part of their development. The medical term for this is ossification. The nerves are also making lots of complex connections and a substance called myelin is coating the baby’s nerves and this makes the connections travel faster. The sense of smell, sight, taste and hearing are all developing. The weight of the baby at 18 weeks pregnant is between 5oz and 7oz and is approximately five and a half inches in length.

Once your baby arrives you will want the room the baby is sleeping in to be suitable for playtime during the day but more importantly to make it suitable for bedtime and sleep. This doesn’t have to cost a small fortune, you can make your own curtains with blackout liners which can be glued on to the curtains. This is a time to start thinking baby/child friendly therefore long floor length curtains will not be ideal for the little person who will be crawling before you know it. Make sure there are no window coverings with cords which are a hazard. You can find lots of safety tips from the Window Covering Safety Council.

There will be family members and friends who will want to buy things for you and the baby. This is a good time to seriously think of what you have and if there is anything you need keep a note of and this means you can let people know exactly what you would like.


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