Wasp Sting Treatment Can be Conducted at Home

November 12, 2012

Wasp Sting Treatment Can be Conducted at Home

Wasp sting treatment can be carried out at home by treating the symptoms of the pain and inflammation which can develop after a sting. Removing the sting can be carried out by swiping a blunt knife or credit card in the against the direction of the sting. To remove the inflammation, place ice wrapped in material firmly on the affected area. Do not put the ice directly onto your skin. Then wash the sting area with soap and water and dry gently. Application of a topical hydrocortisone helps to ensure no allergic reaction takes place. Another wasp sting treatment method to reduce irritation is to apply mud or baking soda on the site of the sting. Baking soda can only be used in moderation as the chemical nature of the soda may cause irritation. Use an antihistamine to ease the itching. Non prescribed pain killers can also be taken. Plantain leaves can also be used for wasp sting treatment if chewed up. Once the pieces of plantain are mushy place them on to the area of the sting. Keep the chewed leaves on the site of the sting for a couple of minutes and keep doing this until the pain lessens. Should the thought of chewing and spitting of plantain leaves not fill you with joy you can mash the leaves and apply on the area of the sting.

Placing a slice of a fresh onion on the sting area is another wasp sting treatment. Irritation may occur for a few seconds but by carrying this out, discomfort from the inflammation and any subsequent pain will be alleviated.

Application of a few drops of apple cider on the area of the site is good to use for wasp sting treatment as the vinegar removes any poison and helps in reducing the inflammation.

Mild throbbing and pain can occur around the area of the sting, but should you have an extreme allergic reaction, the outcome of the sting will be more serious, even deadly. Usual symptoms of a sting are skin hives, local infection, pain, inflammation and redness.

If you experience a severe allergic reaction after a wasp sting such as vomiting, nausea, excessive pain, seek medical attention.

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