Want to Build Muscle Mass? Supplement with the Best Creatine

November 12, 2012

Want to Build Muscle Mass? Supplement with the Best Creatine

Chances are if you’re a body builder, you know about the importance of creatine for building muscle tissue and providing energy. But, do you know why?

If you are a body builder, no doubt you are familiar with creatine. This protein is a natural part of muscle tissue and plays an important role in energy supply for contracting muscle. This energy system has been well studied clinically and scientifically. Supplementation with creatine has been demonstrated to enhance athletic performance. So, if you’re an athlete, it’s important to supplement with the best creatine you can.

In tissues that consume a lot of energy, creatine serves as an energy reservoir by binding a phosphate group from ATP forming phosphocreatine. This is particularly true of skeletal muscle and brain. This nitrogen containing molecule can relinquish its phosphate group to ADP to form ATP during heavy exercise, thereby replenishing ATP stores which are needed for skeletal muscle contraction. This shuttling of a phosphate group requires the enzyme creatine kinase to work properly. So, if you want to build muscle and have energy to exercise with, it is a good idea to supplement with the best creatine you can find.

Your Body Makes Creatine

Your body has the ability to make creatine from 3 different amino acids known as arginine, glycine and methionine in the liver. So, creatine is not an essential nutrient. However, if you are an athlete, you will need more than your body generally has on hand to support your activities. Genetic deficiencies in the creatine pathways have been known to cause brain defects and weak muscles. So, creatine is important to overall body function.

Your Energy Stores are Easily Depleted

Interestingly, you have very little ATP stores in skeletal muscle such that you can only sustain muscle contraction for a few seconds. Believe it or not! It’s true. So, phosphocreatine comes to the rescue and helps to regenerate ATP stores quickly so you can keep going. So, if you can imagine supplementing with the best creatine, you will have much more creatine to bind phosphate with to replenish your ATP stores. This means more energy and an ability to build more muscle mass.

Without creatine, your brain and skeletal muscle would cease to function. Normally, you get the amino acids glycine, arginine and methionine from meat and fish you eat and then your body has enzymes that can make creatine from them. Nevertheless, muscle and brain stores are minimal. If your going through a brain drain and heavy exercise, you need more creatine to bind more phosphates to replenish your ATP stores to keep going. That’s when it becomes important to supplement with the best creatine.

If you happen to be a vegetarian/vegan, it is suggested that you take creatine dietary supplements. If you take in legumes such as kidney beans that contain all the amino acids that are essential, you can make creatine in your liver cells. However, it pays to be certain and supplement with the best creatine you can find. When in doubt, consult with your healthcare provider or pharmacist before making a decision about supplementation.

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