Using Human Growth Hormone in Anti-Aging Therapies

November 12, 2012

Using Human Growth Hormone in Anti-Aging Therapies

Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon never found the fabled Fountain of Youth, but some medical researchers think they have. It’s called the human growth hormone (hGH) and it’s anti-aging properties were published in the prestigious “New England Journal of Medicine” back in the 1990s. Celebrities and the super-rich have been injecting themselves with it ever since. But although hGH sounds great, it needs to be used with caution. Known side effects include making the user predisposed to heart disease, severe arthritis and diabetes.

About Human Growth Hormone Precursors

Is there a way to get the benefits of human growth hormone without the dangerous side effects? The answer is still unknown but many tests are being done on hGH precursors called secretagogues. Specific names of hGH precursors include glutamine, arginine and ornithine. What is a precursor? It’s an amino acid that tells the pituitary gland to make hGH. When a person ages, the pituitary gland rapidly slows down production of hGH. It’s hoped that this indirect method can help prevent aging without putting anyone in an early grave.

Tips About Fasting

According to certified holistic health coach Paula Rothstein, fasting continually decreases the amount of hGH that the pituitary gland makes. However, the pituitary gland makes the most hGH while the body sleeps during a fast or 24 hours. Fasting is common to many organized religions and promoted for detoxifying the body. Recently, fasting or going on an extremely low-calorie diet has become a fad to help extend lives. Rothstein advises that fasting should never be done more than 24 hours fortnightly.

Rothstein also advises a brief two-hour fast before strenuous exercise or workouts. People need hGH in order to help get the most benefits form their workouts. A two-hour fast not only prevents vomiting during or immediately after a workout, but helps regulate blood sugar or insulin. Increased insulin levels, which happen after we eat, can suppress the body’s production of human growth hormone.

Eat a Low Fat Diet

There are numerous reasons to eat a low-fat diet, including preventing obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease. But add raising your human growth hormone levels to the list. Rothstein explains that saturated fats tell the pituitary gland to stop of slow down making hGH. Your diet should still include fats in order to stay fit and healthy, but it should only take up about 25% of your total daily food intake. Eat unsaturated fats like olive oil or grape seed oil instead of margarine, lard or vegetable shortening.

Eat Foods Low on the Glycemic Index

What is the Glycemic Index? Originally developed to help diabetics, it has millions of non-diabetics, too. Food raises insulin levels. Some foods, especially those rich in carbohydrates, raise insulin levels a lot more than others. The list helps you identify which foods to avoid. A spike in insulin levels tells the body to create a growth inhibiting hormone called somatostatin.

Even if you are taking hGH or hGH precursors, you should follow these tips to help your body keep making youthful levels of hGH.

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