Using Essential Oils Over the Winter Holiday Season

November 12, 2012

Using Essential Oils Over the Winter Holiday Season

No matter if you celebrate Christmas, Yule, Kwanzaa or Chanukah; you can add more of the spirit to your holidays with essential oils. The smell of certain aromatherapy blends can help calm you down when the holidays get hectic or liven up a party atmosphere. Certain oils also help remove viruses, bacteria and embarrassing odors from a room when burned in an essential oil diffuser.

Blending Scents

It’s best to use at least three essential oils to achieve a distinctive perfume and mood. But you can’t just choose any three oils. You need three types of oils, one from each scent note group. Notes are how long the average person can smell a particular scent. Top notes like floral scents are only powerful for a few minutes but quickly disperse. Middle notes last longer than top notes and bottom notes last the longest of all.

In case you can’t afford to get top notes, stick with a combination of middle and base notes. For the holiday season, woody or spicy scented essential oils go well with just about anything – including any the aromas of traditional holiday foods and perfume your party guests may wear.

Particular Scents

There are many aromatherapy oils to choose from that compliment the holiday season. These include woody scents like Virginia cedarwood, Scotch pine, spruce, cypress, sandalwood and fir needle and resinous scents like frankincense, olibanum and myrrh. These blend especially well with warm, spicy scents like cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, clove bud, ginger or vanilla. Citrus fruit essential oils make great top or middle notes for a combination of wood, resinous or spicy scents.

Other scents you may have on hand that blend into the mix include herbaceous scents like dill, common sage, marjoram and fennel and any mint scents such as peppermint and spearmint. Other uncommon essential oils on the market that will work include chocolate and coffee oils. Avoid really astringent scents like tea tree oil, camphor or eucalyptus. They will clash with any food served or any live Christmas tree scent.

Using Oil Diffusers

Fill oil diffusers with regular tap water and then heat by using a tealight candle or whatever your particular essential oil diffuser recommends. Only use one or two drops of a base note oil and three to four drops of middle to top note oils. Keep refilling the water to prevent the diffuser from drying out and becoming damaged.

Although there are oils made specifically for scent lamps that are less expensive that genuine aromatherapy oils, they are not as powerful nor do they contain the medicinal properties of the real oil. Always use the best quality oil that you can afford. One small bottle of oil goes a long way, while you will have to use lots more of the cheaper oil in order to get the same amount of desired scent.


Never place oils on the skin or swallow them. Although these oils are natural, they need to be treated with respect. Keep oils away from curious children or pets.


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