Tracy Anderson 30 Day Method: Tweak those Accessory Muscles

November 12, 2012

Tracy Anderson 30 Day Method: Tweak those Accessory Muscles

Many people are familiar with Tracy Anderson if not for her fitness programs straight away but certainly have seen her on infomercials. Her newest fitness program revolves around a 30 day regime that gives you a jump start on weight loss. This method will tone your body and make it smaller all over. This is done by strengthening the accessory (smaller) muscles without adding bulk to the larger muscles. The tracy anderson 30 day method has developed a large following.

The idea behind the tracy anderson 30 day method is to tighten in the smaller muscles instead of building out the large muscles thereby creating a lean silhouette with no bulk making you look like a dancer. The method is oriented around 3 body building components. These include: muscle design work, cardiovascular complement and diet. The muscle design work involves 3 ten day exercising sequences that vary to keep your musculature guessing what happens next. You can start out slow depending on your level of fitness but eventually you need to get to 60 repetitions for each exercise given. Then you have what tracy calls the cardio complement. This is a typical cardio workout that makes use of a wide range of movements in constant motion essentially ten minute dances. Eventually you will work up to sixty minute workouts.

The last component of tracy anderson 30 day method is diet. Tracy gives a daily meal plan for 25 days including recipes. The last 5 days are left for what tracy calls performance cleanse. These foods include purees of various types, soups and puddings and again the recipes are in her book.

The tracy anderson 30 day method can be done by beginners and you can slowly work your way up. If you are more advanced, you can start with more reps. The meal plans are tasty, however the advanced meal plan will take some commitment if you not used to eating really healthy. Since you can work your way up slowly, you shouldn’t have a problem with soreness after your workouts. In fact, if you’re really sore, you over doing it.

There are some drawbacks to the tracy anderson 30 day method. Tracy requires that you do her exercises and no others. Many people have regular exercises they do and probably would not like to sacrifice that for the next 30 days not really knowing that it will work or that you want to stick with it. This is too rigid a requirement for most.

Another concern is the limited calorie intake. It looks healthy, but may leave some people hungry. And then, there is the issue of the ingredients of the meal plans. Some of the ingredients are not well know and may not be available for you to buy in your area. Tracy deals with celebrities who probably have chefs who can cook for them and get any health food from just about anywhere. This just isn’t practical. This 30 day method should work, but the requirements seem to be to rigid for the average person. However, if your game, give it a try.

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