Thrombosed Hemorrhoid treatment

November 12, 2012

Thrombosed Hemorrhoid treatment

Thrombosed hemorrhoid is a painful condition but fortunately there are a number of effective treatments available from natural approaches to surgery.


Thrombus is the term used to describe blood clots that have developed within blood vessels. They may occur due to damage to the wall of the blood vessel or because of changes that have occurred to the composition of the blood flowing through the vessels. Whatever the cause, the blood clot results in disrupted blood flow. Thrombosed hemorrhoid refers to blood clots that have developed in the blood vessels in the anus, a condition that is painful due to swelling and inflammation of the vessels. These symptoms are often distressing for the individual and can have an affect on their lifestyle and general well being.


There are a number of options for thrombosed hemorrhoid treatment and the best and most effective one often depends on the severity of the symptoms. Thrombosis can develop and where around the body and it is possible to develop both internal and external hemorrhoids although the external type is more common in this condition. Some people will only experience some minor pain and discomfort and in these cases natural treatments are often effective. Other people experience severe pain that interferes with daily activities. It can become too painful to walk, work, sleep or do any kind of physical activity. When the thrombosed hemorrhoid is this severe, the best option for treatment may be surgery.

Natural treatments

There are a number of herbal remedies and techniques that are considered to be a very effective natural approach to thrombosed hemorrhoid treatment. There are over the counter creams and ointments easily available many of which contain herbal extracts such as aloe or horse chestnut. They are able to successfully shrink hemorrhoids, therefore relieving much of the associated pain at the same time. Other alternatives include herbal supplements, analgesic and anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen, which again can all be purchased over the counter. Changes to the diet and staying well hydrated will also help to speed up the recovery process.


If you have tried some of the previously mentioned thrombosed hemorrhoid treatments unsuccessfully, you may need to consider surgery. There are a number of types of surgery available including both invasive and non-invasive methods, which you will be able to discuss and be recommended by your doctor. One of the more common surgeries is known as rubber band ligation in which the base of the problematic blood vessel is wrapped in an elastic band preventing blood from reaching it. Another option is scierotherapy, whereby the patient is injected with a substance directly into the hemorrhoid causing it to shrink.

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