Throat remedies

November 12, 2012

Throat remedies

Sore throats are a seemingly minor and very complaint which can nevertheless make the sufferer feel very uncomfortable and in considerable pain. Most sore throats only last a brief time – disappearing on their own after a few days without any treatment. A natural throat remedy may the answer to pain relief during these periods .

There is a plethora of natural throat remedies most of which are easy to find and use. These throat remedies come in several different forms including mouth wash or spray, lozenges or teas.

The inner bark of the slippery elm tree is used by some herbalists to create a throat remediesin the form of capsules or lozenges. This inner bark, when mixed with water, forms a gel like substance thought to soothe a sore throat and reduce irritation. Slippery elm herbal tea is also available.

Liquorice root is a well known ingredient of throat remedies – its anti-inflammatory properties are useful for prevention and soothing of a sore throat. Liquorice is most often found in herbal tea, care should be taken not to take liquorice as a throat remedy for long periods of time or in large amounts.

The root of the marshmallow has been used for hundreds of years in sore throat remedies – it contains similar ingredients to slippery elm which are thought to soothe the throat. Marshmallow root is generally given in the form of tea and as a throat remedy may be taken up to three times a day. It is important to consult your general practitioner if you have diabetes before using marshmallow root.

In Chinese medicine one of the most common ingredients in sore throat remedies is the honeysuckle flower once again used in the form of a tea taken four times a day.

A well known old home throat remedy is apple cider vinegar tea with lemon, cayenne and honey, this tea may be drunk up to four times a day – honey is well known for it’s healing properties, also useful to soothe a cough.

A spray made from sage has also found to be an effective sore throat remedywith some relief being experienced within two hours of the dose, however some people also experience mild burning and dryness of the throat.

Other throat remedies which are quick and easy to use include using a salt water gargle several times a day; sore throat lozenges will help to lubricate the throat as will drinking plenty of fluids; some sufferers may like to suck or drink cold throat remedies whilst others prefer something warmer; it may also be helpful to use a humidifier in an effort to eliminate dry air which may make symptoms appear worse.

As with all minor conditions the use of throat remedies may help the sore throat sufferer through a period of pain and discomfort until the soreness resolves itself. Most sore throats are caused by a virus – perhaps as part of a cold for example – and will therefore go away of their own accord. However in some cases medical attention should be sought. If the sore throat lasts more than several days, if there is severe pain or difficulty breathing, if there is a rash, or swollen lymph nodes, a high fever or the appearance of blood in the spittle, or if there appears to be pus at the back of the throat then a doctor’s visit may be necessary.

Prolonged use of throat remedies may also mean that the advice of a medical practitioner should be sought.


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