Things you Should Know About Bach Flower Remedies

November 12, 2012

Things you Should Know About Bach Flower Remedies

Bach flower remedies help to relieve negative thoughts and bring you to a state of well being. How many of these remedies do you know?

Are you down in the dumps? Are you having negative thoughts you would like to get rid of? Look no further. Bach flowers contain components that will ease your negative thoughts and give you a positive mental attitude. Bach flower remedies will help you restore your natural balance and give you peace of mind.

What is a Bach anyway. Well, he’s a doctor and biologist who studied bacteriology, immunology and homeopathy. He lived during the late eighteen hundreds and died in 1936. He spent time searching for plants and flowers that would bring back emotional balance and alleviate negative thoughts. Today this is known as the 38 Bach Flower Remedies (BFR). Dr. Bach believed that physical disease was generated by unbalanced minds and souls. He felt that stress such as anxiety and fear could lead to a weakened immune system and eventually illness. So, let’s take a look at the Bach flower remedies.

  • Loss of interest and focus

Clematis – take this when you’re day dreaming and can’t collect your thoughts

Honeysuckle – when you are overly nostalgic and need to come forward

Wild rose – when you don’t care about anything

Olive – when you are fatigued

White Chestnut – plagued with unorganized thoughts

Mustard – down in the dumps, depressed

Chestnut bud – can’t get out of a rut, repeatedly making mistakes

  • Have a sense of loneliness

Water violet – want to be along all the time

Impatiens – You guest it, when your are impatient

Heather – self centered and self absorbed

  • Easily influenced by others

Agimony – when you hide behind your smiles yet have problems

Centaury – just can’t seem to say no

Walnut – you are threatened, you need a safe place

Holly – you are plagued with petty jealous or suspicions

  • Experiencing discouragement

Larch – when you have low self esteem

Pine – when you are self punishing

Elm – feel burdened for all you have to do

Sweet chestnut – mentally and physically fatigued

Star of Bethlehem – experiencing dread and need help

Oak – over zealous to our responsibilities

Crab apple – see yourself poorly inside your mind

  • Experiencing fear

Rock rose – your experiencing dread and about to panic

Mimulus – unusual fear of everyday things

Cherry plum – afraid you will lose control

Aspen – neurotic behaviors and unfounded fear

Red chestnut – you are afraid for others

  • Having doubts about everything

Cerato – not sure you can do the job

Scleranthus – can’t make up your mind

Gentian – too easily discouraged

Gorse – having negative thoughts in general, nothing works right

Hornbeam – experiencing “Monday Morning” feeling

Wild oat – too many choices creating indecision

  • Worry too much about others

Chicory – expect others to abide by your rules

Vervain – narrow minded and over zealous

Vine – rigid and domineering

Beech – overly critical of others

Rock water – rigid with high standards

Bach flower remedies are meant to be taken by placing 2 drops of the extract of a given flower or plant in a glass of water and slowly sipped throughout the day. For multiple behavioral issues mix and match various flowers and plants. If yo want to try this, make sure you get good quality extracts from your health food store. There’s a lot of truth in these remedies. So, why not give them a try.

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