The Uses and Benefits of Almond Oil

November 12, 2012

The Uses and Benefits of Almond Oil

Almond oil is has a sweet, nutty smell and is colourless with lubricating properties. Amongst its health benefits include the relief of a dull complexion, itchiness, inflammation and muscle pain. Lifestyle choices are now not only involving behaviour, attitude and fashion sense but are becoming more and more focused on health and natural beauty. Needless to say this a positive thing, and maintaining health and appearance is an essential part of every day life. Whether it is your skin, hair or feet, most of the time all that is needed is a little time and attention to maintain or improve there condition.

A great way of enhancing both your physical and mental health is through aromatherapy or oil massage. The benefits that can be provided by these techniques should not be overlooked. Different kinds of oils can provide your skin with different nutrients, which can work to rejuvenate the skin. One such oil is almond oil. After an almond oil massage you will notice an immediate difference in your skin and hair whilst the aromas along with the sensuality of the massage will promote a healthy mind. Other health and beauty benefits provided by almond oil is the promotion of a healthy nervous system and giving memory power a boost.

Dry skin, which many people suffer with in the winter months, can be relieved simply with an almond oil massage. It is both a moisturiser and a lubricant, which works to prevent the skin from chapping and peeling. Almond oil has been used in the past as a remedy for minor skin conditions, cuts and wounds and whatever kind of ailment you are suffering with, it is likely that almond oil can provide some relief.

Lack of sleep, stress, ill health and an unhealthy diet are all factors that can contribute to dark circles or “bags” under the eyes. No-wants to have these dark circles as they make you look older and generally less fresh, ruining otherwise good looks. Instead of forking out for an expensive overly marketed beauty product, all you need do is soak a cotton ball each night before going to bed and dab it under your eyes. Gently massage the area to stimulate blood circulation and if you so desire mix some honey in to give your skin a brighter shine.

The reason why almond oil is so great for the skin is thanks to being a rich source of vitamin E. Vitamin E is great for making skin look younger and healthier. It can reduce wrinkles and some people say it can even reverse the signs of ageing. Scars, age spots and loose skin can all be reduced with regular almond oil massages.

Applying almond oil and gently massaging it into the hair and scalp can dramatically improve dull and unhealthy hair. The oil will soak into the hair providing it with the nourishment is needs to revive it into beautiful and shiny hair. Doing this regularly will also prevent hair breakage and thinning and provide your scalp with a cleansing and moisturising effect making it healthier and free from dandruff.

Almost oil does not only offer external health benefits but it can also be consumed to strengthen the digestive system. It can relieve some of the symptoms of conditions such as indigestion and constipation and is thought to enhance brain function such as memory and concentration.


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