The Truth about the Diet with HCG

November 12, 2012

The Truth about the Diet with HCG

People generally aren’t very careful when it comes to trying out new fad diets. This is why you need to find out the truth about the diet with HCG here.

The Diet with HCG

HCG refers to a hormone that is produced by the placenta’s cell during pregnancy. It can be found inside the blood 11 days post-conception and inside the urine 2 weeks post-conception. Although this hormone is linked to pregnancy most of the time, though, men have it, too. In a nutshell, HCG tells the brain to make the fat stores move. This happens to be very helpful during pregnancy because the body can then send nutrients to the placenta and fuel the fetus with enough energy to grow.

HCG and Weight Loss

On the diet with HCG, you can lose up to 3 pounds a day by following a low calorie diet and using daily injections. Unfortunately, if you don’t get enough calories into your body on a daily basis, your brain won’t be able to function normally. To make up for this, your body may then use up your glycogen, fat and protein stores, which will reduce your overall resting metabolism. Plus, before you actually lose weight this way, you will become cranky, irritable and lightheaded first and might even resort to eating anything that you can find nearby because of it.

Scientific Proof

So far, there is no scientific proof that the diet with HCG actually works for weight loss. Plus, the injections used in the diet haven’t been FDA-approved, either. Additionally, HCG was added onto the ‘banned substance list for Major League Baseball after steroid users started to use more and more of it. In fact, athletes ended up turning to HCG along with other drugs for performance enhancement because it was believed to mitigate the negative side effects that came with steroids.

Side Effects

Some common side effects that come with this diet include mood swings, headaches, depression, confusion, dizziness, and blood clots. Sometimes, women experience Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome, as well, which comes with pelvic pain, hand swelling, leg swelling, stomach pain, trouble breathing, weight gain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and less urination than usual. Keep in mind that if something sounds far too good to actually be true, then it probably is. Without a doubt, it can be hard to lose weight, and because of this, it should be common sense that it won’t come in potions, injections or pills. In fact, it would be extremely dangerous to jump onto the diet with HCG bandwagon, especially if it intimidates you. Think about it.

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