The secrets to be found in the Irvingia Gabonensis

November 12, 2012

The secrets to be found in the Irvingia Gabonensis

This is a tree that is native to West and Central Africa and it is rich in compounds such as soluble fibres, antioxidants, organic acid, minerals and vitamins. All of these help in losing weight and give health benefits that are normally linked to fruit. This tree is now classed as a super food.

Being a super food means that this tree has a high concentration of antioxidants that help to improve the immune system of the body. We all know that toxins can develop in the body both from the outside environment and also from particular foods that are eaten.

Pollution is everywhere and it may lead to unhealthy cells developing and when the toxins are inside the body its function is reduced. The antioxidant contained in the irvingia gabonensis cleanses these toxins out of the body which in turn may lead to a reduced risk of developing any illnesses.

There is a laxative property in extracts of the irvingia gabonensis that aids in helping problems associated with the digestive tract system. Historically extracts from the bark of this plant were found to reduce pain in the stomach and also relieve constipation.

The irvingia gabonensis’s mild laxative properties are contained in all the parts of the tree and there are studies suggesting it may be used to stop the formation of ulcers.

In addition the tree also contains analgesic properties so it is considered to be particularly useful in the treatment of pain that is associated with suffering from chronic headaches.

Previously in history using extracts from irvingia gabonensis was recognised by many to be effective in treating pains in the joints because of its analgesic properties. There are also tribes today who still use the bark from the stem of this tree as pain relief and have being using this for hundreds of years. There is a study that shows that the bark of irvingia gabonensis acts like a non-narcotic analgesic to relieve pain.

There is laboratory research available that shows that extracts from irvingia gabonensis may help to lose weight. The studies suggest that leptin is released when the properties from an African mango, another name for this tree, is released in to the blood stream. If there is more leptin present in the body the cravings to eat more are reduced because leptin is a hormone that makes the body thinks it has had enough food. This also reduces the need for snacking in between meals.

It means you can eat less food but not feel as if you are being deprived of food and it is a natural remedy in a weight loss program. Fats are also burned because a healthy metabolism is promoted and this means more burning of muscles and fats in the body. To achieve the benefits from the African Mango be careful when buying any herbal product and make sure it has 100% extract from irvingia gabonensis.

Before taking any herbal supplements it is very important to consult with your doctor to make sure you can take them especially if you are already on prescribed medication.

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