The Real Early Pregnancy Symptoms to Watch Out For

November 12, 2012

The Real Early Pregnancy Symptoms to Watch Out For

Which ones can you expect to see during the first trimester? Find out here.

Missed Period

This is one of the most classic early pregnancy symptoms to date and is the easiest one to look out for if you are used to having regular menstrual cycles. Once you miss a period, take a pregnancy test at home – ideally when you pee for the first time in the morning. This happens to be the time when your urine has the most concentrated hCG amount in it, so you will get the best results out of it, as well. Morning Sickness Most pregnant women complain about this as one of the most common early pregnancy symptoms. However, unlike what most people believe, morning sickness doesn’t just happen in the mornings. In fact, a lot of women get nauseous in the afternoon and in the evening, as well – if not all day long. Morning sickness can be quite extreme, too, so make sure you ask your doctor for help if you ever feel dehydrated because of it.

Tender Breasts

A lot of women also report feeling tender breasts similar to the tenderness that they feel in their breasts during their period. Breast sensitivity also happens to be very common as one of the early pregnancy symptoms, though. Fortunately, this will fade during the second trimester.

Darker Areolas

Tender breasts during pregnancy usually go hand-in-hand with darker areolas. The areola is basically the center area of the nipple.

Frequent Urination

As babies grow bigger in the uterus, the only space left for the bladder to expand will get smaller. This usually results in more frequent urination. Plus, some women have noticed bloating that is similar to regular pre-menstrual signs.

Vaginal Discharge

This usually happens during the earlier days of pregnancy because the mucus accumulates in the cervix and creates a mucus plug, which helps to protect babies as they get bigger. Due to this mucus formation, vaginal discharge may occur. You should know that vaginal discharge might occur because of infections, too, though. However, infections come with other symptoms,a s well, including a foul smell, itchiness and a burning sensation.


This would be another common pregnancy sign that is also caused by hormones. Since these hormones are released during the earlier stages of pregnancy, your intestines might relax and thus slow down your digestion altogether. Headaches Due to the complicated stages that hormones go through during pregnancy, frequent headaches have become early pregnancy symptoms, too.

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