The Problems with Building Muscles

November 12, 2012

The Problems with Building Muscles

There are many males who want to have rippling muscles but did you know to gain muscle definition it is better to be lean.

This poses a problem for men. You want to have muscle definition but you don’t want to have a body builder body. So when it comes to working out to gain muscle what do you first? Get yourself leaner and then build up the muscle or just work at building up the muscle.

To lose any body fat you have to cut back on calories being consumed and to build muscle extra calories are required. And you won’t be able to do both of these at the same time so it is important to choose the right sort of training program.

Before choosing your training program to gain muscle, there a few questions you have to ask: How much body fat do you want and how quick do you want to build muscle?

If you have a bit more weight and fat and you feel comfortable with it while you aim to gain muscle, you could go straight into a muscle building training program.

But if you feel a bit self conscious in carrying the extra kilo or two you may want to lose some weight and aim for lean before you begin your program in building muscle mass.

To build muscle mass calories are required because energy is required to build up the tissue. But when more energy is supplied to the body than it needs to build the muscles, you may gain fat rather than muscles. So it is really important to avoid an increase in your body fat by watching your calorie intake.

If you are eating between approximately 100 to 200 calories more than you need in a day to stop any fat loss then muscle building is not going to happen quickly. The chances of gaining a pound in a month will be slim so it is going to take you a long time to gain muscle. Some men may not have a problem with this but for others who may not be so patient they would want to see changes quicker. Plus your body’s metabolism may speed up so you can have more calories and this in turn means no weight gain.

The more calories you consume in a day and over a week are going to raise the chances of you building muscle. Your body will have a limit on how much muscle it can actually build over a period of time. For the majority of men it is usually between one and three pounds. The more you gain muscle the rate of tissue building slows down. If you think you are going to put on pounds of muscle by eating approximately 1000 calories in a day you will be disappointed, this isn’t going to happen. You have to eat up to 3500 calories on a daily basis to build body tissue.

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