The Many Benefits of Psyllium Husk

November 12, 2012

The Many Benefits of Psyllium Husk

Many of us require more fiber in our diet, but the question is: How? If you don’t get enough fruits, vegetables and whole grains or perhaps you are on a special diet such as the Atkins diet, what can you do? Psyllium comes highly recommended by medical practitioners, nutritionist and consumers. Psyllium comes in pill form as well as powder forms and is easy to take and the Psyllium Husk Benefits are many.

Interestingly, psyllium seed comes from the plantain family and is used around the world as a weight control supplement and to keep the gut healthy. Seventy percent of the psyllium husk is soluble-fiber which greatly surpasses the 5 percent fiber found in equal amounts of oat bran. Psyllium Husk Benefits include: providing all the soluble-fiber you need in an easy to take form whether by capsule or mixed in a glass of water, appetite reduction without having to stimulate the nervous system (thermogenics) by simply making you feel full, promotes healthier digestion, detoxes and cleanses the GI tract. It just doesn’t get any healthier or simpler than that.

Individuals who have hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic constipation or diarrhea or women who are pregnant can benefit from psyllium. Since psyllium is a water soluble-fiber it attracts water to itself in the intestine allowing for the formation of firmer stools but soft in texture that take longer to traverse the intestinal tract. This helps to ease both constipation and diarrhea and make it less painful to go for individuals who have hemorrhoids. Psyllium Husk Benefits also include less bloating and gas formation that other fibers products are known to cause.

If you are a patient with ulcerative colitis, you may be taking Mesalamine. This prescription drug is not well understood but believed to decrease the amount of inflammation in the gut however there are a number of side effects associated with Mesalamine. These side effects include headache, gas, hair loss, itching, increased heart rate, acne , inflammation of the pancreas, back pain, malaise, tremor, ear pain, blood disorders and kidney dysfunction. Furthermore, Mesalamine contains sulfites and its overall structure resembles that of aspirin. If you are sensitive or allergic to sulfites or aspirin, this prescription drug should be avoided. However, there is good news. Psyllium seeds were given to patients who had ulcerative colitis and it was found that these seeds were as effective in lowering the recurrences of colitis without side effects.

If you are a patient who is concerned about high cholesterol levels, psyllium is something you should check out to help lower your cholesterol levels. It is known that soluble fiber found psyllium, guar gum and oat bran have cholesterol lowering capability. And, if you have diabetes and high cholesterol soluble fiber is extremely important to you and psyllium can be the answer.

Psyllium Husk Benefits are far and wide so don’t pass up this opportunity to maintain proper cholesterol levels, lose weight, decrease your appetite, detox and cleanse your gut, improve digestion and generate an all over healthier you.


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