The many benefits of cod liver oil

November 12, 2012

The many benefits of cod liver oil

It has long been discovered by scientists that cod liver oil has some great health benefits to offer us, the amazing this is that years later additional benefits are continuing to be found. For example Japanese biologist have recently found a cod liver oil, which is particularly effective for burning calories and taking this supplement will speed up your metabolism aiding in weight loss.

Some of the other known benefits of cod liver oil are mostly present thanks to the polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid that it contains in high levels. This essential fatty acid prevents heart and vascular diseases and reduces the risk of developing any of the many diseases caused by being over weight. Additionally omega-3 is great for developing and maintaining brain function and can increase concentration and memory. When cod liver oil is taken by pregnant women it is thought to aid in the development of the brain and the eyes of the baby. It should also help with the childÂ’s coordination, as he or she gets older. However, pregnant women should always check and take advice from the doctor when it comes to the consumption of nay kind of supplement including cod liver oil. The presence of vitamin A in cod liver oil means that it can be used to prevent allergies by promoting cell membrane to reduce the sensitivity of cells to histamine. It can also be used to promote skin and hair health, improving the condition and making it more beautiful.

As well as vitamin A and omega-3, cod liver oil also contains vitamin D. Anyone with a vitamin D shortage may have dry skin or brittle hair and nails. Vitamin D is also required inside the body to allow for the effective absorption of calcium and phosphorous. Therefore vitamin D also contributes to healthy bone structure and growth, making it particularly important for children.

Many commercially sold make-up products contain cod liver oil as it is thought to smooth wrinkles and lighten age spots. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Mudpacks are a popular way of taking advantage of the benefits cod liver oil has to offer the skin. Often combined with honey, leave the mudpack on for 1 hour and then careful wash it off using a camomile solution. Rather than rubbing your face dry with a towel, try to let it dry naturally as this way you are allowing as many nutrients as possible to be absorbed by your skin. Try to do this two or three times a week, and after a month you should begin to notice the difference in the quality of your skin. It is not only your face that can benefit from cod liver oil, dry or cracked skin on the feet can also be treated by creating a home made mixture of onion juice, cod liver oil, chilled aloe juice and rye flour. Mix the ingredients until they become dough like consistency, cover the affected area with the dough and then put socks on. Do this just before going to bed and leave it over night. Cod liver oil is even believed to cure acne when added to their diet as it reduces the production of sebum.

Cod liver oil can have side effects but when taken in the correct dosage, these are very rare. The recommended daily dosage for adults is 650-1000 mg but it is always advisable to check with your doctor before adding supplements to your diet, particularly if you are on any medication as it may cause interference.


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