The many benefits of Brewers’ yeast

November 12, 2012

The many benefits of Brewers’ yeast

Brewers’ yeast is now known to have many health benefits due to the high levels of vitamins and minerals it contains.

Brewers yeast, obtained from the Saccaromyces cerevisiae fungus used in the brewing process, is a nutritional supplement which has been around for many years. These dried fungus cells are thought to have many health benefits due to their high levels of vitamin B-complex, chromium, and protein. The supplement is available in various forms including powder, tablet or liquid.

Blood sugar

This food supplement contains high levels of chromium which is thought help in the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels. This may be particularly beneficial to patients diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes as well as hypoglycaemia.

Type 2 Diabetes affects the production of insulin within the body, insulin is an essential hormone used in the conversion of sugar and starches into energy. Type 2 diabetics have high levels of blood sugar as a consequence of insufficient insulin production. Hypoglycaemia is a condition resulting from low levels of blood sugar.

Research suggests that chromium, as found in brewers yeast, may improve glucose tolerance which means that less insulin is required by the body to correctly convert sugar; it is thought that chromium may assist the work of the insulin hormone by transporting blood sugar, or glucose, into the cells where it is converted into energy.

It appears then that the chromium found in brewers yeast can help regulate levels of blood sugar.

Weight loss

Protein is recognised as being instrumental in the boosting of energy levels and contributing to both losing weight and maintenance of a health weight. Since brewers yeast contains a considerable amount of protein as well as chromium, which is thought to reduce levels of body fat, it is considered to be a useful weight loss tool.

Cholesterol levels

Once again it is the chromium found in brewers yeast which is thought to help maintain healthy levels of cholesterol. Research appears to indicate that brewers yeast helps to reduce levels of so-called ‘bad cholesterol’ whilst increasing the levels of ‘good cholesterol’.

Increased energy levels

Brewers yeast contains many of the B-Vitamins which are known to increase levels of energy and combat the effects of fatigue. Vitamin B complex is also known to be beneficial in the treatment of depression, and is thought to reduce irritability and nervousness as well as combat some of the signs of aging.

Good for the skin

The B-complex vitamins and chromium found in this dietary supplement have been found to be beneficial in the treatment of several skin conditions including acne, eczema and cradle cap. The biotin also found in brewers yeast will strengthen hair and nails.

Some research suggests that a regular intake of this fungal based supplement may reduce the risk of developing skin cancer.


Using a dietary supplement of brewers yeast has been found to be particularly useful in treating infectious diarrhoea; it is assumed that the yeast will cause changes in the microbial flora of the large intestine.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that taking a supplement which includes the B complex vitamins is a useful insect repellent and this appears to be equally applicable to household pets that are given this dietary supplement.


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