The lemonade diet

November 12, 2012

The lemonade diet

Following the lemonade diet, for a short period of time, will improve the way you feel on the inside and appear on the outside. This diet acts as a completely natural detox of the whole body, with the added benefit of weight loss and many health benefits.

The build up of toxins in the body is unavoidable in the times we live in as we are exposed to them on a daily basis in all kinds of ways – from the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the medication we take. These toxins can have adverse effects on our health and normal bodily functions – they may cause an overall feeling of being unwell, low levels of energy, weight gain, extreme fatigue and impaired metabolic rate.

Cleanse away those toxins

Bad dietary habits, such as too much junk food, often mean that our bodies have an unhealthy build up of toxins and impurities. The lemonade diet is intended to cleanse and rid the body of these unhealthy toxins and impurities that are poisoning our system.

Increase metabolism

The lemonade diet will increase your resting metabolic rate – this in turn means that weight loss also occurs at an increased rate. Whilst taking part in the lemonade diet it is unwise to undertake any vigorous exercise, however, post-diet exercise will result in faster weight loss than has been experienced previously due to the enhanced metabolic rate.

Clean out your digestive tract

Cleansing of the digestive tract is an important benefit of the lemonade diet – very often the digestive tract becomes clogged with excess waste the body cannot expel; the lemonade diet will clean out the whole digestive tract enabling it to function more efficiently. This cleansing will also reduce irritation and pressure in the circulatory system meaning that arteries, nerves and blood vessels will also function more efficiently as they transport essential nutrients around the body.

Extra benefits

In addition to these major benefits the lemonade diet will also provide a number of other health improvements, these include -

  • Improved, more restful sleep, good quality sleep is essential in order to maintain both physical and mental good health.
  • Increased energy levels – the lemonade diet will greatly improve energy levels leaving you more able to increase physical exercise levels.
  • Weight loss – this particular benefit makes this regime extremely attractive to many people.
  • Great looking skin – as the diet purges the body of toxins and impurities so you will see the benefits in clearer blemish free skin.
  • Reduction of cravings – ridding the body of its craving for junk food is a great side effect of this regime and will help you to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Stick to the regime

This particular dietary regime requires strict adherence to its requirements in order for the many benefits to be experienced. Anyone planning to do this diet and who wants excellent results must be focused enough and single minded enough to follow it exactly with no cheating or cutting corners. The diet has been shown to be successful for many different individuals with many different needs and expectations – the successful participants all have one thing in common – they did not give up at the first difficulty. Anyone who genuinely wants to undergo a thorough detox with all its attendant benefits will achieve excellent results by following the lemonade dietary regime precisely.

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