The best kinds of breast implant

November 12, 2012

The best kinds of breast implant

Whet is comes to the best kind of implant the choice is between silicone gel-filled implants or saline-filled ones. The United States Food and Drug Administration, known as the FDA for short, have approved both kinds of breast implant, leaving the ultimate decision up to the woman along with advice from her surgeon. Both the silicone gel and saline filled implant was determined safe and effective so can now be used for breast augmentation, reconstruction or revision surgery. Augmentation surgery is the name given for breast surgery being done in order to cosmetically enhance or change the breast size or shape. Reconstruction is the name of the surgery required by women who have lost breast tissue due to cancer or whose breast tissue failed to properly develop causing a breast abnormality. In these cases the breast tissue needs to be replaced or restored. Revision surgery involves removal and replacement of a previous breast implant in order to correct or modify it. Both the saline-filled and the silicone filled breast implant contain an outer covering of silicone elastomer. Many kinds of medical devices are made out of this material and have been for years, including pace makers, artificial joints and heart valves. Thanks to its broad use, silicone has been extensively and thoroughly researched for its benefits of use medically. The main differences between these two kinds of breast implant are the material that it is filled with and the way that surgical method used to implant them. The silicone gel filled implant are already full before surgery begins and therefore cannon be adjusted during the procedure. The saline filled implant however is filled with a salt-water solution that poured into the outer silicone casing once already inside of the patient. This way the breast implant can filled until the desired results is reached.

Both kinds of breast implant have been available for decades worldwide and in most of these countries silicone filled implants have become the favoured choice. Today over a million women have made the choice to have silicone gel filled breast implant in order to enhance or restore breast size and shape.

Over the many years since the silicone gel filled breast implant was first invented, incredible amounts of research and studies have been conducted by scientist, researchers, physicians and many other medical professionals looking into the safety of these implants. The FDA took a long time to go over these finding and the long-term effects before approving their commercial use in America. They allowed them for the use of breast augmentation surgery in women of age 22 and over and in the use of breast revision surgery and breast reconstruction surgery for women of all ages. The use of saline filled breast implant was approved by the FDA long before the use of the silicone gel filled implant was.

Ultimately the choice of breast implant is completely down to the woman undergoing the surgery and she should request and take advice from her surgeon. It may be that one type of implant is more appropriate for the kind of surgery or the kinds of enhancements you are hoping to make. In terms of safety and effectiveness, both options have completed the test of time.


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