The Belly Fat Woes

November 12, 2012

The Belly Fat Woes

Have you come to the point that you need to do something about that spare tire you are carrying around? Have you indulged in food or drink or perhaps you have become sedentary and no longer exercise and there it is, midriff bulge. Today is the day that you will do something about it. Clearly, you can modify your diet by simply taking in fewer calories and staying away from high calorie foods especially fast foods but more than that you can exercise. Exercise doesn’t have to be a bad word. If you start out slowly performing simple steps it won’t take long before you get into shape with a regular routine you won’t be able to live without. Simply create a healthy lifestyle of proper diet and exercise and you’ll be on your way to a trimmer waist line.

As far as diet goes, you need to cut back on your caloric intake. This is absolutely necessary to lose unwanted belly fat. You simply must take in fewer calories than your body needs. This will pull fat out of your fat storage areas and be used to generate energy for your body to run its metabolic pathways. You are essentially using your own body materials, in this case fat, to produce energy for you to run on. Recall, that your body burns glucose (sugar) first, then when sugar runs out it burns fat, and then when fat runs out your body pulls out protein from your muscles. So, make sure your not burning protein but fat to lose weight.

Beyond self indulgence in terms of over eating, the next contributor to belly fat is imbibing alcoholic beverages. So, if you are a big beer drinker or other alcoholic beverages, you need to cut back. Alcohol is not only bad for weight gain but also your health in general. Alcohol will eventually destroy

your liver and can do irreparable brain damage if done to excess for long periods of time. Drink in moderation.

Consuming less sugar is also important to losing that belly fat. Sugar found in soda pops and junk food is generally in the form of processed sugar (sucrose) that is very bad for weight gain and diabetes. Many people take in these sugars in high quantities and that gets stored as belly fat. Your best bet is to eat natural foods such vegetables and fruits as they do not contain processed sugars and they will keep you naturally trim and fit.

Beyond changing your diet, the next step is to exercise. Given that you have belly fat, you probably think that doing sit ups is the answer. Well, no it isn’t. Fat is not lost in one part of your body because you exercise it but rather throughout your entire body at the same time. You don’t need to lift weights to lose weight. The fact is you can lift weights and do sit ups till kingdom come and you will still have that stubborn belly fat.

To remove stubborn belly fat, you need to do aerobics that are fast paced for short periods of time. If you can do 15 minutes to 30 minutes a day for a minimum of 3 times a week, that belly fat will go away. If you’re not up to aerobics just yet, then consider walking especially in the morning when you get up. Gradually walk at a faster pace until you feel strong enough to begin a routine of aerobics. With a good regime of exercise you may find that you can have that special treat or drink when you want without fear of gaining belly fat.

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