The 5 Senses

November 12, 2012

The 5 Senses

The five senses are our communications channels for pretty much everything we do. All inputs and outputs require some sensory interaction. Fascinating information about this area of our body follows.

Noses are good, they can smell over 50,000 distinct smells and it seems that humans have memories which awaken the nose to smells previously known. Although not as effective as blood hound which is said to be a million times more sensitive than us our noses are far from useless.

When we are born we can smell our mothers and it is not uncommon for family members to identify a smell from someone that no outsider can recognize. Most of us have a unique smell, whether recognized or not, however identical twins are born with the same smell. Although genetics plays a role in the smell of a person lifestyle and hygiene also have a role to play.

When it comes to smelling then women can smell better than men and will stay that way throughout life. Citrus, coffee, cinnamon and vanilla are all odors that are better identified by the females.

Irrespective of whether they are male or female there is a group of about 2% of all people on Earth who cannot smell anything.

Whenever we eat a large meal we lose sensitivity in our hearing, our ears become less sharp. If you are going to listen to music then eat after you have been to the concert.

If we do have perfect vision when we are young then the chances of remaining that way diminishes with age. About 33% of humans on Earth have 20/20 vision, the remaining 67% requires contacts or spectacles at least some of the time.

When it comes to taste if our saliva cannot break down the substance then we cannot taste it. The chemicals within the food dissolve because of the saliva allowing our mouths to register a taste. An easy way to prove this statement is to dry your tongue and then place some foodstuff on it and until saliva is produced the food will not have a taste.

Eyes dilate for many reasons and even a small sound can cause pupils to dilate. This is a throwback to our hunter gatherer days when in the darkness a small sound could mean life or death so the eyes tried to focus better to give us the edge. However people like surgeons who carry out very intricate procedures do not want any noise because focus is lost while the pupil is dilating.

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