The 5 best protein powders on the market

November 12, 2012

The 5 best protein powders on the market

In order to effectively strengthen muscles and build muscle tissue, just as important as the workout is the consumption of protein powders. A good quality protein powder will encourage muscles to repair and grow so you can achieve your goal as fast as possible. There are many different options available, so how do you know which are the best protein powders? The first thing you need to know it what to look for and there is a criteria that all of the best protein powders should adhere to. In order to find the best protein powder, there are 5 factors that should be considered. First of all and probably the most obvious factor is effectiveness, referring to how well it performs its job. Secondly the speed of results as it is important to use a protein supplement that will help you achieve your target in the time you specify. Ingredient composition is also important, as the best protein powder must contain great ingredients at the right concentrations. Product safety is always an important factor, as you don’t want to run in to any side effects of the product. Finally the fifth factor is the overall value that you are getting, weighing up the benefits of the supplement against any costs. This criterion was used to review 5 of the current best protein powders on the market.

  1. Myotein

Myotein comes out on top of the best protein powders, largely thanks to the fact that it contains 6 muscle-enhancing proteins. It has been awarded 100/100 for effectiveness with scores of 97 or above in all other categories. Myotein uses extremely advanced release technology that provides nutrients at the exact time that muscles require it. It contains 68% protein as well as a muscle ripping complex and amino acids.

  1. Sytha-6

With 97/100 for effectiveness and overall value and an impressively high 99/100 for speed of results, the product known as Sytha-6 is considered the second best protein product. This product is available in 9 different flavours and contains, essential amino acids, glutamine peptides and a multi-functional micellar protein matrix all of which contribute to repairing and gaining muscle.

  1. MuscleTech Nitro Tech Pro Series

This brand is the third best protein product with every category scoring in the 90’s and an overall value of 96/100. It was designed for athletes and bodybuilders and has been clinically proven to be effective. As well as the high protein content each serving also contains 11g of leucine and 13g of addition BCAA’s, which are known to be essential to building muscle mass.

  1. Zero Carb Isopure

This product came in as the fourth best protein supplement. The category it scored highest in was effectiveness with 93/100. The rest averaged at around 90/100. Zero Carb Isopure is considered on of the best as it has been completely stripped down of any unnecessary ingredients until what is left is pure whey isolate, hence the name. Many people favour this popular, as it doesn’t contain any sugars or carbohydrates so it aids in the production of muscle whilst avoiding any body fat gain. This also allows recovery time between workouts to be decreased.

  1. Optimum 100% Casein Protein

The product considered fifth best protein supplement currently on the market is Optimum 100% Casein Protein. All the categories are scored in the high 80’s and each serving contains 24g of slow digesting casein protein. This means there is no need to worry about muscle deterioration in between workout sessions, which is a unique function of this product. It is a great option to maintain the muscle you have already gained.

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