The 10 Best Hangover Cures

November 12, 2012

The 10 Best Hangover Cures

How many people do you know, who are over the legal drinking age that have never succumbed to a hangover? Not too many, I’ll bet. And that is probably the same for everyone you know.

Most of us have felt the jack hammer drill in our skull, the stomach that is making terrible noises and feeling like a washing machine and then you have the dryness in the mouth and shakes. But you’ve got things to do today, so how can you cure a hangover?

Well here are 10 great ideas that can get you back into the world of the living again.


Take honey any way that you can, but in a drink is best because you then rehydrate yourself as well as getting the natural sugars back into your body. Not only is honey loaded with fructose and sucrose it’s also an antioxidant.

Coca Cola

Some stories go around saying that coke was originally developed because someone needed a really good hangover cure, whether that’s true or not, it certainly hits the spot after a night on the tiles. It’s sweet and sugary and it’s liquid, it’s almost the best antacid to help settle that stomach. Just make sure that you sip and don’t gulp it down.


Health food gurus have enthused about ginger for years now and rightly so. But it’s now considered as mainstream because so many people are becoming aware of its powers. It’s an antioxidant and anticoagulant, but it’s powerful so don’t take it raw on an upset tummy. Mixed as a drink is best, ginger tea or just ginger soda gives the benefit of liquid and a lovely aroma whilst calming down the beast somewhere in your bowels.

Bloody Mary

Many healthy foodstuffs and drinks help with hangovers but sometimes you just need the ‘hair of the dog’, and there’s no better option than a Bloody Mary. Lots of tomato juice to help absorb the alcohol more speedily and the tomato juice allows you to get some goodness into your body if solids are a bit too hazardous. This is only one drink to try to right the wrongs that you committed on your body the night before; it’s not the start of the next night, so limit yourself to one. And it may be best, depending on your constitution, to keep it bland, avoid the Tabasco sauce and other exotic flavorings.

Oriental Noodles

This can be either Pad Thai or Pho. Both meals contain similar foodstuffs but one comes from Vietnam and the other from Thailand. Both meals are noodle based with your own choice of meat or seafood. The noodles are said to have exfoliation and anti toxin properties as well as being good for you. Easy to eat, gentle on the tummy and tasty, it’s just what the body needs after that great time last night. Pho may have the edge because it is more similar to a soup and taking in any liquid should be considered with some urgency at this stage in your life. Both these dishes can be eaten with or without lots of spicy additions, but in this case bland is best.

Prickly Pear

Unless you’ve just finished a bender out in the desert it’s unlikely that you can get your hands onto a prickly pear. However many dietary supplements have prickly pear extracts which will calm the tummy and reduce the feeling of nausea and may help you regain some appetite.


This is the scientific bit. Did you know that eggs contain an amino acid called cysteine? They do, and what’s more, cysteine breaks down a toxin caused by ethanol oxidizing. And we all know that ethanol is a form of alcohol – and it’s oxidizing in your body. So the amino acid breaks down some of the toxins which are adding to your misery. So make a special effort to have eggs for breakfast in whatever form you can cope with.

Banana and Gatorade

The Gatorade replenishes the body with electrolytes that disappeared just about the same time as the hangover and dehydration arrived. Water is great for rehydration but Gatorade adds that little extra. Your body will also be screaming out for Vitamin B6 and B12 and potassium. Alcohol depletes them from your body, lots of alcohol depletes them big time so get something to replenish your body’s stocks and there’s nothing better than a banana. Bananas are also gentle on your tummy.

Matzo Ball Soup

Matzo ball soup is renowned for its hangover killing qualities, it is also believed to cure pretty much every ailment on the planet. Recorded throughout history as having great medicinal powers this just has to be tried because after all, desperate men take desperate measures!

Big Fat Breakfast

You’ve abused your body all night and you’ve managed to get two paracetamol down your throat and they are slowly producing a positive effect, not enough to feel well but just enough to get you going. Now is the time to sweet talk a loved one into cooking the big greasy fry up. Better still get yourself down to a local caf and get it served up.

You already know that eggs are good at a time like this and the other greasy food will help too, but there probably is no scientific reason for that. It just tastes good and it’s what the body is crying out for. If the full fry up is just too daunting then don’t forget the bacon roll and big mug of tea, lots of liquid and some nourishment, a body couldn’t want any more.

If all of these great ideas to cure your hangover do not appeal to you then there is only one other option. Do not get a hangover, drink moderately, have non alcohol drinks a few times throughout the evening and have a good meal before the fun begins. If you can do this then, as someone much more famous and gifted than me once said, “You’re a better man than me Gunga Din”.

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