The 10 Best Foods for Your Look

November 12, 2012

The 10 Best Foods for Your Look

You Want to Look Good then best you start Eating Properly.

If you look in any of the women’s magazines you will undoubtedly be subjected to adverts that will tell you the way to becoming a beautiful person on the outside to match you wonderful personality on the inside. They have potions that will transform your skin into something similar to the best supermodels. Well, isn’t advertising great!

The truth of the matter is that you can help yourself with some potions and lotions however it is becoming increasingly documented that nutrition is the area which you should really be paying attention to. As with most things in life, moderation and balance are required. You don’t have to stop eating your favourite treats but perhaps cutting back on the sausage rolls or chocolate bars will help your skin.

As the world continues to get smaller more and more exotic fruits and other ‘roots and shoots’ are being discovered, and depending on who you listen to, these all have beneficial effects on your skin. To help you battle through the nutritional jungle we have brought together a list of foods no self respecting supermodel or fitness guru would ever miss.

Broccolli is perhaps the best foodstuff to eat because it is bursting full with antioxidants with their anti inflammatory powers. It can also help with heart disease, arthritis and can keep your eyes good. A Harvard University study has also found that broccoli has the best dietary make up of all vegetables. Best to eat it two or three times a week, it’s great steamed with some fish high in omega 3 fatty acids.

This brings us nicely on to salmon, full of healthy fats and vitamin B12 as well as the omega 3 fatty acids which are known to reduce inflammation. All of this goodness aids your skin’s condition. And a perfect meal would be poached salmon with garlic and steamed broccoli.

Don’t forget tomatoes though, just because they are common. These little red beauties are loaded with antioxidants as well as vitamins A and C. The antioxidants help when fighting illness and the vitamins help to keep the body in tip top condition.

The broccoli, salmon and tomatoes can all be served with extra virgin olive oil. Tests on this oil have suggested that as well as helping the heart it can reduce the risk of cancer. The good fats so common in extra virgin olive oil have cholesterol reducing qualities and it just tastes great.

Ok, so your mother was right….eat your cabbage! Well to be more precise eat your dark green leafy vegetables. Bursting with vitamins and iron, they can be eaten themselves or added to salads or pasta. Cook the same way as broccoli, have broccoli one day and leafy greens the next.

Green tea was once considered a bit too fanciful by many people but now it is almost ‘run of the mill’, mainly because all of the health advantages spoken about before have been proven to be true. It’s full of antioxidants, has cancer prevention qualities and helps the skin. Organic green tea can be bought cheaply almost anywhere.

We’ve left the best to last. Get stuck into the blueberries and walnuts. Between them they have vitamin C and E and lots of fibre. Walnuts are full of good monounsaturated fat which helps the cardiovascular areas and helps to lower cholesterol and increases the brain’s function, but be careful, don’t eat too many because they are very high in calories. While blueberries are very low in calories, they are very high in vitamin C. They also aid the working of the brain because of the nutrients present in the fruit. Researchers from Tufts University compared blueberries to 60 other fruits and vegetables and found that they had the highest presence of antioxidants of them all.

Recent studies have shown that dark chocolate has the power to protect the skin from UV damage caused by sunlight. Other benefits relating to the amount of antioxidants present may have been exaggerated according to new research. However it still tastes good, so eat it in moderation.

Avocados are full of so many good things and yet still manage to taste good. Vitamin E, potassium, carotenoids and monounsaturated fats all add to the cholesterol reducing effects and all of these good features remain even if you do turn it into guacamole.

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