Suppress Appetite With These Tricks

November 12, 2012

Suppress Appetite With These Tricks

You know that you need to lose weight to better your overall health. But how can you possibly do that when you are hungry all of the time? There are ways to successfully suppress appetites in between meals. If you do need a little nibble, there are healthier alternatives to make you feel fuller longer than chips or cookies. Before starting any diet plan, talk to your doctor.

Spacing Out Your Meals

Most people in the West are used to eating only three meals per day. This gives your stomach a lot of time to become hungry in between meals. Eat five or six smaller meals a day instead of three large meals to help curb hunger pangs throughout the day. To avoid stuffing your face during your meals, drink a glass of water before you take your first bite of food.

Eating several small meals per day is recommended for people with Type 2 diabetics to help them lose weight and keep their glucose levels steady. It also helps them to suppress appetites during the shift into their new diet. Non-diabetics who have been advised to go on a low glycemic index diet will also benefit from eating smaller meals more often.

Gum Chewing

How can you suppress your appetite by chewing gum? Easily! By chewing, you are fooling your brain into believing that it is eating. Nerves in the jaw trigger the brain into thinking that it is eating. You also get the pleasure of chewing, which is part of the pleasure of eating. Your taste of the gum enters the stomach and helps calm it down.

Chewing sugarless gum also burns calories. It doesn’t burn as many calories as a half-hour workout, but it’s better than nothing. How many calories does it burn? A recent study done by the University of Rhode Island showed that chewing gum for one hour before lunch ate an average of 67 fewer calories during the day than if they did not chew gum.

Breakfast on Lean Protein

A good breakfast not only gives you the energy to get through until lunch but it also can suppress your appetite if you include one ounce (30 grams) of protein in your dish or bowl. Some breakfast cereals are high in protein. Other good sources of protein are lean Canadian bacon, turkey sausage, soy sausage, egg whites, eggs, cottage cheese, natural peanut butter and yogurt.

Does this work to successfully suppress appetite? According to a study from Purdue University, people who ate lean protein for breakfast were more likely not to eat again until lunch. If you do need a snack, try an ounce of unsalted nuts. They not only give you protein and energy, but can fill you up.


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