Submaximal Exercise and Circuit Training Exercises

November 12, 2012

Submaximal Exercise and Circuit Training Exercises

Circuit training has been around for over fifty years and is a form of exercise that is intended to build cardiovascular fitness. Some of you may know some form of circuit training exercises through Boxercise and Body Pump. The goal of circuit training is to slowly build the muscular respiratory system and achieve total body fitness to support endurance. These programs are geared to the individual and tailored made where each person guides themselves to their own limits with minimal instruction. This form of training is not directed to a particular sport but just general physical fitness. It is possible to bring in workouts that will train you for a particular activity as you progress with general fitness.

Individuals using circuit training exercises need to start at their own fitness level, workout intensity should increase at a slow pace bringing about a small amount of extra load to the cardiovascular system. It needs to be determined what you require from your training, so you need to know what goals you have in mind. You need to figure out how much time you have to commit to your training. It is suggested that a session should last anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes. Take a look around and see what equipment is available and how much space you have to work in to make the most out of your circuit training exercises.

You need to keep in mind that circuit training exercises are not related to skill related exercises. Skill related exercises slow down a general all fitness program. If necessary, skill sets can be added later. Circuit training exercises need to consider fitness factors such as overloads and a slow steady progression. Weight training on the other hand works at your maximum weight level where you do a number of reps, take a period of rest and then try again. This is very different from circuit training exercises where you work just below your maximum level over a period of time with no rest at all. In circuit training, the whole body is given a workout without any one muscle group being exercised consecutively however all groups should be fully exercised with a full range of movements. Repetitions with exercising the entire body are determined on whether you are trying to develop strength, power or endurance. You are the designer of the circuit, so it’s up to you which way you want to go. If you happen to be a female, you might circuit train for endurance whereas males may at least initially want to develop strength and power.

If you are a beginner, make sure you have a complete warm up with appropriate stretching to prevent injuries from happening later. All exercises that you do should be consistent and highly controlled. Make sure to follow the time of an exercise to a tee and no cheating time wise or actual procedure wise. In generally, no breaks are allowed between different exercises or circuits but it may be necessary to take a water break briefly. Beginner’s exercises should be simple and truncated versions of advanced moves and make sure to include a cool down period with stretch exercises so that your cardiovascular systems returns to normal resting function. Good luck with circuit training exercises! For overall fitness, they can’t be beat.

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