Start A Family Today With The IUI Procedure

November 12, 2012

Start A Family Today With The IUI Procedure

The IUI procedure can help a couple having fertility problems to become pregnant so that they may enjoy the beauty of giving birth to their own child.

What is the IUI procedure? It’s called the intrauterine insemination, which is a fairly simple infertility treatment. A tiny tube is places specially washed sperm right into a woman’s uterus. You might recognize the IUI procedure by its more common name: artificial insemination. And, yes… both AI and IUI procedures are the same exact fertility treatment.

IUI vs. IVF: Why It’s Better

When you’re looking at fertility treatments that go past fertility drug use, the first procedure doctors tend to try is IUI. After all, it’s much easier to do than the assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF and tends to costs far less. In fact, the typical IUI procedure is around $900; a typical IVF can cost up to $15,000.

IUI Treatment: What Is It Used

IUI treatment is often used in causes where a man has fertility problems such as low sperm count or sperm donor. It can also be used in cases where a woman’s cervical mucus is not up to par. When infertility cannot be explained, the IUI procedure may be used if Clomid, alone, does not help in conceiving.

A couple may choose to do the IUI procedure due to the high costs of the IVF treatments. Remember, IUI is less expensive than IVF, which means the couple can afford additional attempts…compared to IVF.

IUI Procedure: How Does This Treatment Work

As already stated, IUI is a simple procedure. Some doctors may opt to use fertility drugs as well as do the IUI procedure such as Clomid, as the combination tends to boost the chances of a childless couple becoming pregnant. Your doctor may suggest that you use an ovulation predictor kit during the cycle you plan on doing the treatment in – medicine or no medicine. This kit will detect a surge in LH, which is the hormone the body releases before ovulation. Once noted, you must call your doctor.

Providing you don’t need a sperm donor, your doctor will give your partner some instructions on how to collect sperm (this can be done at home or in the office). The doctor will wash the sperm collected and, with the help of a tiny tube, the doctor places that washed sperm right into the uterus through the cervix.

The IUI procedure is relatively pain-free; but, it’s not uncommon to experience some cramping. The doctor can do it right in his/her office or have his/her nurse do the procedure for him/her.

The Chances For Success With The IUI Procedure

Looking at the studies for the IUI procedure and unexplained infertility, only four percent of women successfully conceived without the use of medications. And, eight to 17 percent of women successfully conceived when IUI and fertility drugs were used together.

What Does It All Mean?

Despite the fact that the IVF success rates are generally higher, it’s safe to say that the IUI procedure is much cheaper and easier to do. So, if you know the IVF treatment is way out of your price range and you really want to start a family, then you ought to try the multiple IUI procedure cycles. Talk to your doctor today about all the options you have including their risks.

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