Snoring self help tips

November 12, 2012

Snoring self help tips

If snoring is affecting your household then itÂ’s time to do something about it. First of all there is no cure for snoring, however there are lots of things which can help. Without major changes to your lifestyle, improvements can still be made.

Causes of snoring

Snoring related issues can be increased or decreased, this means loud snores or no snores, just because a little bit of weight has been put on. All because this little bit more weight includes some extra fatty tissue around the neck which squeezes the airway while you sleep. The snoring comes as a result of the air flowing in and out being restricted. So try to lose a bit of weight and maintain a healthy diet.

Alcohol tends to make the muscles in the body relax. If you take a drink before bedtime then the muscles at the back of the throat, being relaxed, collapse easier. This causes snoring.

Sleeping on your side prevents your tongue or chin or any fatty tissue from restricting your airway. When you sleep on your back this is not the case and your airway can be restricted causing you to snore.

If you are a smoker then try to cut down if you cannot stop. The nasal cavity and throat are irritated by the smoke. This leads to catarrh and some swelling. The congestion inhibits breathing through the nose, encouraging snoring.

The nasal passages must remain clear to increase the possibility of you breathing in through your nose. Breathing in through your mouth makes snoring a much more likely occurrence. Use an inhaler or a chest rub containing menthol or eucalyptus to try to keep passages clear. Check that you are not allergic to anything. If you are, use an antihistamine to clear your nose.

Commercial stop-snoring devices

There is a multitude of gadgets on sale with the aim of stopping you from snoring. Some are more successful than others. These devices are varied in design and operation, from nasal strips designed to make you breath through your nose to devices which ensure that your jaw does not drop causing a restriction of the airway. There are also throat sprays on sale which clear the airway and increase airflow. The British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association has a website with lots of information and any good pharmacist can explain what you can use to reduce the risk of snoring.


In extreme cases the only answer is surgery. Initially the surgeon will assess the area causing the snoring, it may be the throat or the nose. Options open to the surgeon include operating on the excess tissue in the mouth and throat and repairing problems in the nose.

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