Side Effects from Oscillococcinum or Oscillo

November 12, 2012

Side Effects from Oscillococcinum or Oscillo

One of the most popular forms of alternative healing is homeopathy. Ailments are treated by one or more highly diluted chemicals found in nature. Some homoepaths use oscilloccinum, also known as Oscillo, to treat the flu or flu-like symptoms. This homeopathic remedy cannot be used by vegetarians or vegans because it is made from bacterial in duck hearts and livers. Oscilloccinum is made only by one company in France called Biron. It first hit store shelves in 1925.

Oscillo looks like very small white tablets. They are usually sold in small tubes. Each dose is one gram. It is not to be swallowed, but to be dissolved on the tongue. Oscilloccinum tastes sweet because it contains two types of sugars – sucrose and lactose. The bacterium is diluted at least 200 times, so that the patient is not actually ingesting duck bacteria. Despite this fact, Oscillo sells very well on both sides of Atlantic.

Most Common Side Effect

The most common side effect from using oscilloccinum is absolutely no side effect whatsoever. It usually lacks the negative side effects like drowsiness that many over the counter decongestants give. Although the possibility of no side effects appeals to most people, Oscillo also has no proven beneficial side effect. Biron claims that they have clinical studies that prove Oscillo works, but these studies have come under fire by the medical community.

This has also lead to a lawsuit against Biron in the state courts of California. The lawsuit began in 2011 and is still being handled by the courts. America’s Food and Drug Administration sent a warning letter to Biron in 2008 asking Biron to stop claiming that oscilloccinum can cure the flu. Biron and many of Boron’s customers have ignored this warning letter.

Uncommon Side Effects

Only about 3% of people who take oscilloccinum ever develop negative or bothersome side effects. These include but are not limited to:

  • Feeling exhausted more often than usual
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea sometimes accompanied by vomiting
  • Worsening of the flu symptoms.

Another uncommon side effect of Oscillo is that a person is cured from the flu. This has been attributed to the placebo effect and not to any ingredient in Oscillo. If someone believes that a new therapy or drug will cure them, they often will feel better – for a while, anyway. The placebo effect is so strong that all reputable drug studies are done with a placebo. The drug and placebo are labeled in a way so that the patients (and most of the participating doctors) have no idea if they are giving a drug or a placebo. This is called a double blind study.

Warning for Diabetics

Oscilloccinum contains sugar so diabetics have to be very careful using this homeopathic remedy. Although diabetics do not have to completely go off sugar, they do have to keep track of all of their sugar sources. Diabetics should talk to their doctors before using Oscillo or any other natural or homoepathic remedy.

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