Sexual Bits and Pieces

November 12, 2012

Sexual Bits and Pieces

Sex and reproduction in some areas of the world is open and clean, in other areas it is considered a dirty past time and should not be discussed openly. Yet for all that, some of us must be doing it right, just look at how the human race is multiplying! A few interesting facts to charm your loved one with are below.

Sex numbers worldwide

  • So you think it’s special do you? It’s estimated that sexual intercourse happens over 120 million times daily and as we increase the population that number will grow too. This means that almost 2% of the world’s people copulate in any one day.

Erection throughout the night

  • When men are asleep it is normal for them to have erections frequently throughout the night, about every hour or so is average according to researchers. The understanding is still limited, however it is believed that there is a link between REM sleep and increased levels of testosterone leading to the erections while we sleep.

Two records of the reproduction

  • Within the human body the act of reproduction holds two records. The eggs within the female are the largest cells we have and the cells making up the sperm within the man are the smallest we have. With a diameter of almost one millimeter the human egg is visible to the naked eye, unlike other cells in the body. The miniscule sperm cell is only a nucleus.

Cell division

  • When we all start life we spend time as a single cell organism for about 30 minutes before beginning to develop into the people we are today. The point just before the sperm and cell combine we exist as a single cell and then the cells combine and divide and the result of the process is an embryo.

Hormonal swing during pregnancy

  • When women become pregnant their bodies become unbalanced because of a hormonal swing. This can cause many surprising changes such as eating fads or becoming very emotional. The hormones which cause this also affect the women’s dreams and researchers have found that in the first three months of pregnancy the most common dreams involve frogs, potted plants and worms. Other women’s dreams become different with some telling of sexually oriented or violent dreams and others dream of the impending birth, whilst others just dream of water.

Baby in the womnb

  • While the baby is still in the womb it is growing teeth, they do not come through the gums until normally about 6 to 9 months after birth though. It is when the fetus is about 2 to 3 months that the beginnings of the teeth form that will break the gums about one year later.

Born with a tooth

  • However one baby will be born with a tooth through the gum in every 2,000 births. This is bad news for the nursing mum who knows how sore breasts can get just by being used by a baby with who remains toothless. Maybe this is one of the reasons why the mother child bond is so special.

Melanin and eye color

  • When a baby is born they will have eyes which are blue. Although mum and dad’s genes define the eye color later in life all babies give the appearance of having blueness in their eyes. This is because there is a pigment called melanin which remains in the eyes shortly after birth. Once it has dissipated the baby’s true eye color reveals itself.

Baby’s finger prints

  • For the first three months of life the fetus has a whole lot more developing to do. And one thing that must develop is finger prints. At three months finger prints begin to form, and they will form into a totally unique pattern which will stay with the child throughout his or her life and will also remain after death.

Powerful kick

  • Babies can pack a kick. It’s said that pound for pound a baby is more powerful than an ox. As every mum and dad can testify to, babies have strong legs and can kick from a very early age. For their tiny size these small people are full of power.


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