Septoplasty recovery

November 12, 2012

Septoplasty recovery

If you have a deviated septum you are likely to undergo this corrective surgery which can take up to 8 weeks to recover from.

Septoplasty is a surgical procedure carried out to correct a deviated or damaged septum. The septum consists of cartilage and bone and is lined with a thin mucous membrane. If the septum is bent or not central to the nose structure – either as a result of an injury or for congenital reasons – it may cause recurrent sinusitis or heavy nosebleeds, where these conditions fail to respond to medication a septoplasty procedure may be recommended.

Septoplasty is performed in order to remove any obstruction in the nasal cavities which may be impairing nose function.

The procedure

Septoplasty is a straightforward procedure which usually takes less than an hour to perform and which does not require hospitalization Рit is generally carried out in the doctor’s surgery as an outpatient procedure.

The septoplasty may be carried out under a general anesthetic or just a local according to patient requirements. The patient may be discharged as soon as the effects of the anesthesia have worn off.

Septoplasty recovery takes around eight weeks during which time a careful follow-up treatment plan should be strictly adhered to in order to ensure a full recovery.

Once the surgery has been carried out, as part of the septoplasty recovery process, nasal packing may be used; the packing is usually removed after two or three days.

The recovery period

During the septoplasty recovery period it is important to follow the instructions provided by your medical practitioner carefully so that optimum results are achieved.

  • Avoid breathing through the nose for at least seven days

  • Do not blow your nose for seven days – sniff instead. This will allow the sensitive nasal tissues to heal and avoid causing any bleeding.

  • Try to keep your mouth open when sneezing

  • Get plenty of rest – avoid strenuous activity for around three weeks and do not drive during this period either.

  • Do not wear your glasses for up to five weeks, contact lenses can be worn

  • Do not bend over for at least three days – bending over may cause additional swelling and bleeding.

  • When lying down ensure your head is elevated.

  • During the septoplasty recovery period it will also be necessary to avoid flying

  • Take the pain medication you have been prescribed

  • Use the nasal spray by your medical practitioner exactly as prescribed during the septoplasty recovery period.

  • Attend all follow-up appointments

  • Gradually return to your normal every day routine


As with any surgical procedure some people do experience complications as a result of septoplasty. Any suspected complications which arise during the septoplasty recovery period should be referred immediately to your medical practitioner -

  • Severe pain which is worse than expected

  • Excessive bleeding

  • Development of pus

  • Numbness in the nose or top teeth

  • A fever of more than 100F

The most successful way of avoiding complications during the septoplasty recovery period is to follow the instructions of your medical practitioner carefully and precisely. You may feel extremely well following this procedure, nonetheless, in order to make a full and complete recovery it is important to do your part by adhering to the recovery plan.

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