Scabies – What is it and How do we get rid of it?

November 12, 2012

Scabies – What is it and How do we get rid of it?

Scabies is caused by an infestation of lice and their eggs. The lice are the variety the feed on human blood and come in 3 sub groups, One variety prefers the scalp region, others like the body and the last group, also known as crab lice choose the pubic hair area of the body to habitate. These insects are most common during the warmer times of the year and are transmitted by using other people’s combs, sharing beds or swapping clothes.

The problem with scabies treatments is that it is not just the person who is infested that needs treatment, everyone in the household and all close contacts must be given the scabies treatment at the same time if they are to be successful at eradicating the lice. This means that friends and relatives who do not show any symptoms must still be treated.

At the same time as the scabies treatment is being administered all of the clothing and bedding in the house must be washed in very hot water to kill any eggs that may be present. Ironing the clothing and bedding afterwards helps to ensure that everything is free of infestation.

Some of the more common natural scabies treatments involve taking equal amounts of neem leaves and turmeric and mix with a little mustard paste. Apply all over the affected parts of the body and leave for one hour. Then wash the dried mixture off, repeat for the next week to two weeks or until all of the marks and lesions have healed.

Another method is to take the extract from drumstick leaves and blend with sesame oil and then heat. After boiling for a little while the water will evaporate. Wait until the mix cools and then dab on to the affected areas until healing is complete. This scabies treatment works because of the anti microbial effects of the mixture.

Another recommended treatment consists of mixing 2 teaspoons of sublimed sulphur and 8 tablespoons of coconut oil into a paste. Then cover the entire skin of the scabies sufferer and repeat for 3 nights. After the third night take a warm bath.

As part of the natural scabies treatments there are natural methods to ensure that re infestation does not occur. As well as keeping children apart to avoid contact, all bedding, towels and clothing should be washed with an enzyme cleaner mixed with borax and peppermint.

It is important to be aware that scabies is contagious and all treatments must be carried out at the same time as any other precautions and actions. And carry out all of the scabies treatments for the prescribed time to ensure that the most benefit is received.

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