Rodan and Fields: The innovative way to fight aging and care for your skin

November 12, 2012

Rodan and Fields: The innovative way to fight aging and care for your skin

Rodan and Fields are the surnames of two doctors who have started an innovative new kind of skin care company. The dermatologists, Dr Katie Rodan and Dr Kathy Fields have devised a new method of delivering professional skincare to the individual in the privacy of their own home or in the clinic of an independent accredited consultant.

Anti aging skin care is the specialization of Rodan and Fields and as the American population ages then the market for these products will grow. Their treatments and products will reduce the effects of aging and will help to reduce or even eradicate wrinkles.

Perhaps Rodan and Fields’ most innovative anti aging skincare product is the AMP MD roller. Designed to be used at home and removing the need for injections or any other surgical or invasive medical procedures. This product is bringing anti aging products to many Americans and the beneficial results are changing people’s lives by producing younger looking skin.

The Rodan and Fields AMP MD Roller system cuts microscopic holes in the skin’s outer layers. The cutting is done by the roller’s small needles, the blades are only .2mm long and the procedure is painless because the acupuncture standard needles only gently puncture the skin. By carrying out this action before applying Rodan and Fields night renewing serum means that the products is absorbed by the skin much more effectively producing far more positive results.

The Rodan and Fields anti age night renewing serum contains peptides and retinol. Both of these substances have been seen to smooth out wrinkles so with the additional amount of absorption possible because of the use of the roller system it can be seen that this is an exceptionally effective way to fight aging effects on the skin.

The aim of the anti aging treatment is to smooth out wrinkles and any fine lines that may be in the skin. The anti aging serum is a major part of the treatment but the anti age multi function eye cream also has a role to play in fighting the aging effects. This cream has a number of peptides in its ingredients which are highly effective at eliminating crow’s feet and other lines around the eyes.

The final weapon in the armoury used to fight aging is the Rodan and Fields anti age lip renewing serum. With all of the powerful ingredients of the other treatments the lip serum also has collagen which can add form and firmness to the lips. So whilst it is removing any wrinkles or lines around the mouth the anti age lip serum is also improving the shape of your lips and mouth.


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